Yesterday was my 1 month anniversary of blogging, and I totally missed it!  How the heck did that happen?!  Well, I am celebrating now! 😉


I have more exciting news…Brian and I officially have a venue for our reception!  We are having it in downtown Indianapolis at the Sheraton City Centre on the top floor.  The room is absolutely gorgeous with windows from ceiling to floor and a view overlooking Monument Circle which is literally the center of downtown Indy.  We are so excited to be getting some of the larger details of the wedding nailed down before I leave for the cruise.

The reception room


This is the view from the reception...amazing!



Sarah and I wanted to get pampered so we went to get manicures together today.  She opted for a very sparkly gold color, while I stayed with a classic nude color.

Sarah just lovin' life while her nails are drying
Look at those sparkly nails!

We also shopped around in some vintage shops, and I started to read Food Politics.  It should be a good and educational read!

Workout and Dinner

After nannying, I raced home so that I could run 3.5 miles and eat something before heading to Pilates with a friend.  I was in a rush because after Pilates Brian and I had plans to hang out with some friends tonight to celebrate a birthday.  So dinner looked like this after my run:

Kiiinda random…but full of protein!  I normally don’t drink those type of drinks, but Brian and I each received one when we registered for the Firecracker 6, and we then each got one at the finish line so we now have 4 (well 3) in our fridge.  You know I can’t turn down anything free.  It was surprisingly filling…probably because of all of the protein.  I then ran out the door to head to Pilates, got in my car, checked my phone….and my friend had to cancel because she was working in the lab late.  I was not disappointed because this gave me time to pack my bags for tomorrow and freshen myself up for our friends.  We will just reschedule our workout date.

While getting ready I had a little accident.











My curling iron burned a whole in the bottom of my baggie of bobby pins…so now I have a messy curling iron and need a new baggie…it could have been worse!

Tonight should be a fun night seeing a bunch of people in Brian’s dental school class.  See you all in the morning!

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