Good Friday morning friends!

Today is officially the two month anniversary of my blog.  I wanted to do something special and fun for you in honor of this monumental (well to me 😉 ) day, and hosting my first giveaway seemed like the perfect idea.

With the theme of “firsts” lingering, I will be baking the winner the first recipe that I put on the blog.  Date Bars!  I love these bars as a quick breakfast on the go, crumbled over Greek yogurt or a smoothie bowl, as a little snack, or even dessert.  They are not too sweet and have a very soft texture.  So delicious!

In order to enter the giveaway you can do one of four things…or all four!  Many of you don’t comment on a regular basis, but I would love to hear your feedback so in order to enter you need to leave a separate comment for each entry.

  1. I have really enjoyed having this blog and sharing my ups and downs, recipes and workouts.  I am starting to feel the strong community that I have read about on other blogs for so long, and in order for me to build my community I want to do what makes YOU happy!  In order to do that your first entry will be to provide a little tip of advice or something you would like to see more of on the blog.  Examples:  More “guy” recipes, pictures with specific work out moves, more baking recipes, more how-to posts, more pictures of Brian (j/k) etc.
  2. For an additional entry or “extra credit” “like” my facebook page.  You can find it at the lower right hand portion of the sidebar.
  3. For even more extra credit, “like” my twitter page, which is directly above my facebook link on the sidebar.
  4. The final way to enter the giveaway is to subscribe through e-mail.  This can be done by simply clicking on the button on the right side bar.
The contest will be open until midnight tonight, so get those entries in quick!  Now, on to the usual things…workout and breakfast.
Last night, Brian and I ended up going on a 2 hour bike ride!  It was so fun.  We just talked and joked the entire time at a leisurely pace.  We got to see a beautiful view of the city that most people don’t really get to see.  Only people using the path at the specific time of evening get to see this pretty city.

This morning, I started out bright and early with an hour of pilates.  It felt great to start the day off right 🙂
For breakfast, I opted for oats this morning because I know that I won’t be able to eat lunch until 1:30 or 2 and I need something to hold me over until then.
I cooked oats mixed with splenda and vanilla extract.  I then mixed in 1 Tbsp of peanut butter and 1/8 cup of honey roasted peanuts.  Very satisfying!!
Work Fashion
Since I am using Brian’s camera things are a little different…like the self timer.  For some reason they all kept turning out blurry, and this was the best that came out.
**In case you were wondering…I am wearing jeggings for the first time 🙂
Happy Friday….and sign up for the giveaway!!!

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  1. well lets see….I LOVE all your blogs and have read every one of them…you know me so you know this is true. I follow you on FB AND Twitter…AND I have commented on a few blogs as well….I have written down several of your recipes and really enjoyed the blog that featured Brian cooking “guy food”. I say MORE pictures of Brian are a must. (Im sooo gonna win arent I?) hahaha..I love and miss you and our foodie talks terribly!!!


  2. I love your “How To” posts. Very informative!! Plus more pictures of Brian never hurt either. I know he is starving for attention!

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