The fact that it is actually 2013 still kind of blows my mind…where did 2012 go?  I have always heard that the years go by much quicker as one gets older, but I guess I never really believed it!

2013 is going to be a monumental year for Brian and I as this is the year that we get married.

brian and tara

When we got engaged, it was 2011…and 2013 seemed so far away.  Now, we are just 6 months from the wedding and the to-do list is growing, but I am trying to stay cool, calm, and collected while I enjoy the entire process 😉

Some other things that I am looking forward to this year (in chronological order):

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Indianapolis Mini Marathon

  • AFAA Group Fitness Training
  • Wedding showers
  • Running the Indianapolis Mini Marathon
  • Kate and Jill’s wedding
  • My bachelorette party
  • Going on our honeymoon to Italy–We have to miss Caitlin and Brian’s wedding

Cinque Terre


  • Sarah and Justin’s wedding

And I am sure there are plenty of things that have not even been added to the books yet!

What are some of the things that you are looking forward to in 2013?  Any life changing events  you want to share?


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