Tara Bernie Brian Hiking

Out of office!!

No, we aren’t hiking somewhere super sunny like the picture above, but I wanted a picture that showed my little family doing something fun! 🙂

Much like last year, Brian and I are spending the holidays in Indiana with both of our families.  We have been planning things to do, food to make, and all sorts of other holiday-type things for months.  We both could not be more excited for this time!

Typically, I would attempt to maintain a somewhat regular blog schedule (although, I’m not sure what that is at this point anyway…) waking up early to write about what I did the day before, constantly taking pictures (that may not change!), and just worrying about loose ends I hadn’t tied up yet. Recently, I’ve been learning how to take a step back from things and to just relax.  While to some of you that may seem like a simple task, to the girl who’s brain is literally going a million miles a minute from the second that she wakes up creating neverending to-do lists it’s a bit of a challenge.  (PS:  that girl is me!)

Balance is something I am constantly striving for.  It’s an art, it takes practice, and is something that will always have room for improvement.  In my world, Brian exemplifies the word balance.  When he is home, hanging out, or not in work mode he is just Brian.  I LOVE that and I wish I could separate work/school from home that easily.

Family, relationships, REST, those are all very important things to me.  So, for these next couple of weeks things are going to be a little more quiet around here.  I am taking a REAL break from Treble in the Kitchen.

After this, there aren’t posts scheduled (accept for one that wishes a Merry Christmas on Christmas morning to those who celebrate!), I don’t have guest bloggers lined up, my phone won’t be attached to my hip, I won’t be responding to blogging e-mails, and I won’t be pushing out any new content.

Now, I love capturing memories and taking photos, so there may be a post or two on instagram or snapchat, but nothing pre-planned I can assure you!

That being said, I hope you all have a WONDERFUL holiday season and I’ll see you soon feeling refreshed and renewed 🙂

Happy holidays.

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  1. Good for you! Enjoy your time with family! These are times that can’t be replaced. Cherish every moment and see you when you get back.

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