I can’t believe that it is already Wednesday!  I guess that is what having an amazingly fun weekend and then taking the following Monday off of work will do to ya…

On that note, yesterday’s breakfast was simple but 100% delicious.

fruit cottage cheese breakfastBreakfast was a bowl of papaya, blackberries, banana, cottage cheese and Naturally More Almond Butter.  <—that stuff may be my new favorite nut butter!  I am a HUGE almond butter fan, but this stuff is better than the usual.  There is a slight sweetness because of molasses and cane juice, and there is a subtle crunch because of some added flax seed.  I think I could probably eat this stuff every. single. day.

Naturally MoreLunch was some veggies, hummus, and tuna eaten at my desk because I was literally SWAMPED at work.  I don’t think I will ever want to take a Monday off of work again!  There were so many things to respond to…luckily I was MOSTLY able to get all caught up.

tuna salad lunch

Snack Bar Recipe

Yesterday, before heading into work I did a little bit of my food prep that I usually do over the weekend.  I cut up some veggies, made sure Brian had chicken available for sandwiches, and made some delicious snack bars.  Not only were they delicious, but they were so EASY and they literally only took about 10 minutes TOTAL to make.

3 ingredient energy bars text
I had Brian act as my taste tester as usual, and the first thing he said was “have you taken a picture of these for the blog?”  I hadn’t yet, so I asked why…his response?  “You better take one quick before I eat ALL of these bars.”

I guess he liked them? 😉

These bars will be great as a pre-workout snack or an afternoon pick-me-up because of the dried fruit which provides a touch of natural sugar for energy, fiber, and sweetness while the nuts provide a good combination of fat and protein which helps the body stay satisfied for longer.

3 Ingredient Energy Bars

Yields about 12 bars.


  1. 1 cup dates
  2. 1 cup roasted almonds
  3. 1 cup dried apricots


Combine all ingredients in the food processor.  Process until the mixture begins to form a ball and sticks together.  Remove mixture from the food processor and firmly press into an 8×8 inch pan.  Allow to chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes or more.  Slice into bars.  ENJOY!

3 ingredient energy bars 3


    • What is your favorite snack lately?

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  1. Gosh I need to try those bars. But I have an idiotic question, where can dates be found in the grocery store. I don’t know if I was looking in the wrong area or if my store doesn’t have them, but I couldn’t find them last week when I needed it for a different recipe.

    • I found these dates in the cereal aisle. Usually I am able to find them in the produce section by bulk dried fruit, nuts, and candy. They are also sometimes in the baking aisle 🙂 Hope this helps!

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