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Hey guys!

Happy hump day 🙂  I hope the week has been wonderful so far!

I’ve got a great midweek cardio and ab workout for you to try out.  This is actually the workout I took my cardio HIIT class through the past two weeks.  Everyone is really liking (or should I say hating…) this workout.  It definitely works up a sweat and there are TONS of options for more or less intense exercises.

The way the workout flows when I teach is that we start with a brief warmup with dynamic stretches and light exercise JUST to get the body moving.  I teach at noon, so I know most people coming to my class have been sitting all morning (at least I have!) so it’s good to get those kinks out.

We then move into three blocks of work.  During each block, there are 4 exercises that we complete for 30 seconds each one right after the other.  We take a 30-60 second break then go through the exercises again and repeat for a total of 4 times through.  After we have repeated one block 4 times, we move onto the next block and follow the same workout formula with different exercises.

When completing the work, I always want my participants (and you!) to work hard, but PLEASE listen to your body.  If you just aren’t feeling it today…take a break, drink some water and jump back in when you can.  🙂 And as always, make sure to STRETCH stretch stretch when you are done.  If you want to learn more about HIIT check out my post featuring Cardio HIIT, and if you are making any major changes to your fitness routine make sure you talk with your doctor AND make any necessary modifications.

Here’s the workout:

45 Min HIIT and Core

Here are some video links I found to help out with a couple of the moves:

I hope you have a great rest of the day! Let me know if you give the workout a try.  Any feedback is always welcome! 🙂

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