5 Times to Be More Mindful During the Day

These past few weeks, I have felt a little bit like a chicken with my head cut off.  I am filling my time with things that bring me happiness and enjoyment, I’m filling my work schedule with meaningful projects, and I’m having fun doing it…but I still feel a little scatter-brained.

When I start to feel this way, (5 million ideas running through my head, constantly jumping from task to task, etc) I realize that the best thing for me to do is slow down and not take action at all…at least not in that moment.  It helps for me to become more mindful as I go throughout my day, say yes to projects, and decide what I want to dedicate my time to.

I increase my mindfulness by starting my day with meditation and a bible verse, but I’ve found that there are so many ways so many different people find mindfulness.

It’s also important to note that mindfulness isn’t just something that makes me feel better, but there are studies showing that meditation and mindfulness can help decrease anxiety 🙂

5 Times To Be More Mindful During the Day

1. When You Wake Up in the Morning

How great would it feel to start the day slow as you sort out your thoughts and possibly set an intention for the day?  It’s possible! This can be achieved by NOT looking at your inbox, instagram or facebook first thing in the morning (it’s a struggle for me too!) and choosing to start your day with a glass of water, an inspirational or religious reading, or pushing play on that meditation app.  Give it a try and tell me if you notice a difference.

2.  During Meals and While Eating

I feel like the words “eating mindfully” are all over the internet and social media right now.  Have you given it a try? Next time you have a meal or a snack, stop what you are doing (put down the phone, step away from the computer, don’t sit in front of the TV) and focus only on the food you are eating.  How does it feel in your mouth, how does it taste, how does it make you feel? This will help you tune into hunger cues and may help you enjoy your food even more!  It may also help aid in digestion and/or identify any foods that trigger symptoms if this is something you are dealing with.

3.  While Heading to Work or School

This is a time of day when I admit that I either like to catch up on the news, mentally prepare for my first meeting, or listen to music and kind of zone out. It definitely sets a different tone for the day when I turn the podcasts, radio, or music off and just listen to the sound of the car and really pay attention to my surroundings.  I challenge you to give it a try too!

4.  While Connecting with Others

I recently heard a quote that I can’t remember entirely, but it said something like “listen with the intent of understanding, not simply to reply.”  It truly resonated with me, and I think it ties perfectly into this theme of mindfulness.  Human connection is important for all of us, and being mindful in our interactions with others can only help strengthen those relationships and friendships.

5.  When You Are Getting Ready for Bed

As you are getting ready to lay down for bed, take a few moments to sit in bed to breathe, reflect on your day, and think about how you are feeling in that moment. Using this time to wind down will hopefully help calm your mind and prepare you for a restful night of sleep.

I started my meditation practice by using the Headspace app, but all you really need is your body and your breath!  Some people find calm while sitting down with eyes closed and focusing on counting their breath and others prefer to repeat a mantra.  The great thing is there is no right or wrong way 🙂

Have you ever meditated or practiced being more mindful in your day? Share your experience in the comments below!

Interesting Meditation/Mindfulness Research:

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