Breakfast this morning was created with the help of a running advice blog.  I just happened to stumble on this blog this morning and it not only has nutrition advice, but it has advice about everything running…I know what I’ll be reading in my spare time! I knew that I was going to run 8 miles this morning, but I knew that I definitely could not do it on an empty stomach, but I didn’t want to feel weighed down either.

Due to the advice I read about on the running blog I made oatmeal because they are full of good carbs and added in a tablespoon of peanut butter and a tablespoon of greek yogurt to get some extra protein into my diet.

My mom then helped me correctly map out 8 miles, and I was off!  Surprisingly, the 8 miles didn’t seem too exhausting, but the issues from yesterday (chafing) and some new issues from today (blisters) are all going to be taken care of with a little trip to the Three Rivers Running Company.  I need to get bodyglide because I started to chafe under my arm too!  Let me tell you, that is not comfortable, but it is fixable!

This is definitely the farthest I have ever run, and it feels great!  “They” say that if you can run 8 miles you can run a half marathon…so I guess I am all ready to go and can stop training now…NOT!

I match really well...

Later today I have a dentist appointment, then I am headed back to Indy!  For some reason I have always loved going to the dentist…I know, I’m weird!

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  3. It is SO important to have a good pre-work out meal, and this one looks delicious! But for best recovery, you also need a healthy and nutritious post-work out meal.

    Here’s some really great info and tips for getting the best out of your exercise from the Health and Performance Centre at the University of Guelph that I work at:

    And check out our blog for tons of great tips, articles, and info on all things related to physical activity!

    • Thank you for the reference sites! I checked them out and they look great. I will have to try some of the recipes for post workout snacks. The only problem with eating post workout is that I am just NOT hungry directly after a long hard workout like that. I will keep researching and experimenting to figure out what works for my body 🙂

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