Good Morning!

This is our first full week of fall!  Because of the chilly temperatures, gray weather, and changing leaves I decided to start the day with a warm breakfast bowl rather than a smoothie.  I am absolutely loving the buckwheat  I purchased.

Along with buckwheat I added:

  • 1 tsp cocoa powder
  • 2 packets splenda
  • 1/2 banana
The perfect morning fuel!
I actually have today off from work, so I allowed my body to wake up on it’s own rather than setting an alarm form 5am or 6am.  Because I woke up closer to 8am I decided to eat breakfast before working out because waiting until after my workout would throw off my eating schedule throughout the day with having breakfast so close to lunch time.
Because my knee hurt after the 6 mile run on Saturday, I am going to lay off running today and use an exercise band that my mom got for me!   When studying for my personal training certification, we learned a couple of exercises to do with the band and I am so excited to use it because I have never focused an entire workout on the band.
I want to stick with low impact for my little knee today so if the rain holds up I am planning on going on a bike ride (hopefully Brian wants to join me), and I will probably do a little bit of Insanity abs….I slept in today so I am a ball full of energy!
What new workouts or workout equipment have you tried lately?

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