Today was unexpectedly full of exciting events!  Here is a little recap of everything I did!

I worked at a different location of my store today.  The store actually is located in Brian’s home town, Greenwood, which is about 30 minutes South of Indianapolis.  Because that is where Brian’s parents live, his mom stopped in and visited me, and my sister who just graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Indianapolis located in Greenwood visited me!

Since it was 2:00pm aka way past my usual lunch time, and since Brenna was hungry too she suggested that we eat lunch at her work, Carino’s.  I got a side caesar salad and nibbled on the delicious bread and oil with roasted garlic that was brought to the table.

After our meal, Brenna asked if I wanted dessert…I said no, but if she wanted to order dessert then I would gladly share with her.  We ordered the Mascarpone Bread Pudding…I’m really glad she ordered dessert 😉

I then came home to find that a package had arrived for me!

I ordered Bob’s Red Mill buckwheat from after reading about using buckwheat for breakfast on Courtney’s blog Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.  Brian got home before me and told me about the package.  I immediately told him to open it, but when I got home to see that the package wasn’t open Brian said he saved the opening portion for me because he knows it’s my favorite part…to me, it’s like opening a present!

I can’t wait to try buckwheat in a breakfast bowl!


Brian and I then wen ton a 3 mile run around the canal and had dinner together.  Tonight’s meal was inspired by Hungry Girl’s So Lo Mein dish that is an asian style dish with noodles and veggies.  Wonderfully delicious…especially topped with some sriracha.

After dinner, Brian and I headed to his volleyball game!!!


Brian plays intramural volleyball through the dental school.  He played all last year and I had no opportunity to attend any games because of class conflicts and whatnot, so this was my first official game to attend….and they won!


Congratulations Brian!

And now, I’m off to bed!

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