This isn’t exactly a fun thing to talk about, but it is something that happens to me pretty frequently.  And it happened to me last night.


I get headaches.


Bad ones.  The kind that make me just want to shut my eyes, the kind that make me feel starving yet lose my appetite at the same time, the kind that makes me tired but unable to sleep.  The kind that almost no pill can knock out.


I have always gotten headaches.  When I was younger, we attributed it to seasonal allergies.  As I have gotten older, these headaches have gotten more frequent, stronger, more painful, and more resilient to medicine than ever.  They really are a pretty big annoyance.


It is truly hard to pin point one factor that causes these headaches.  After speaking with one of my friends who just happens to be a nurse about the situation, she had a great idea.

I am going to document everything in a “headache tracker journal” for the next two weeks to see if I am able to track down a common denominator.  If  I haven’t had one in two weeks (sometimes it seems I go months without them, sometimes it seems I get one every week!), then I will track for another two weeks.

Things that Katie, my nurse friend, told me to include were the amount of water I am drinking, how much I am exercising, everything I eat, what my stool looks like (TMI…sorry!), if I am on my menstrual cycle, and if I have a headache or not.

Sounds simple enough…right? Hopefully this little journal will allow me to get to the bottom of my headache mystery!

Do you get headaches?

My mom and sister also get these headaches.  Maybe they get them for a different reason, but I have to try to figure out at least why  am getting them.

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    • I have spoken with my doctor, and the medication has stopped working…and I really want to know the CAUSE, ya know? Thanks though!!!

    • I have frequent migraines. I have at least two a week. My doctor put me on a medicine called Relpax that really, really helps relieve the pain! If your tracker journal doesn’t work I would definitely see a doctor and see if you can try out some meds!

      • Thanks! I have tried medicines, but because they are so strong I try to stay off or limit the use…it’s crazy I know, but hopefully I will be able to find out the cause… :/

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