This past weekend’s Easter celebration was a bit different than our typical Easter celebration.

Easter 2013 9

Brian’s family came together with my family to celebrate Easter and to celebrate my baptism, confirmation, first communion, and my official joining of the Catholic faith.

Easter 2013 8

Easter 2013 2Brian’s family hosted an amazing pre-Easter vigil dinner with delicious appetizers, lasagna, and cake.  We were able to celebrate with family and friends making the evening extra special.

Easter 2013 6

Easter 2013 10Mandy, the dentist that Brian’s mom works for was also joining the Catholic faith this Easter!  It was great to have someone to go through this wonderful experience with.  Of course, Brian’s family was there to answer questions and help guide me along the way, but it was helpful to have someone else who didn’t know what to expect going through this too.

Easter 2013 11Our families showered us with gifts of beautiful rosaries, crucifixes, and other items to remember this special day in our faith journey.

Easter 2013 12

Easter 2013 21After the dinner and presents, Mandy and I changed into our church attire…

Easter 2013 25

We felt very silly going into church in such casual attire, but they warned us that we would get very wet during our baptism, so we wanted to wear clothing that could get wet.  This was definitely a first…wearing flip-flops and gym shorts to church!

Easter 2013 26

Once we arrived we dressed in our robes and prepared for the very special Easter mass that was about to occur.

This weekend was absolutely amazing, and I am so happy and thankful to have such wonderful friends and family to celebrate my new found faith with.

To keep the celebration and Easter happiness going, Brian and I then had our families over for a brunch on Sunday.

The menu included chick cupcakes:

Easter 2013Delicious peanut butter cheese ball (thanks for quenching my peanut butter craving with this Mom!):

PB Cheese ballSpinach Artichoke Quiche with a Barley Crust:

Spinach Asparagus Swiss Quiche 2Mom also made some delicious French toast, and there were lots of other snacks and goodies to nibble on throughout the day.

Brian’s grandma brought a very special meal.  She brought the traditional Slovenian meal that she grew up with.  Each part of the meal represented a part of the Easter holiday.

Traditional Easter SpreadOverall, this Easter was definitely the most memorable Easter I have ever been apart of.

I hope that if you celebrated, you enjoyed the day and were able to spend time with people you love.

Question of the Morning:

  • What was a favorite dish that you enjoyed this Easter?
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