Last night, Kate (Brian’s mom) and I had a blast!  Adobo Grill ranks high in our books.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very festive and fun, and all of the staff is kind and friendly.  We started off our meal with a drink called La Pila that was on special for the evening.

La Pila is pineapple infused Milagro tequila and Malibu rum.  It was very fruity!

We then started off with an appetizer of their fresh, table-side made guacamole.  I honestly think that this was the best part of the entire meal.  They literally have a cart with the fresh ingredients on it that gets wheeled to every table.  We were able to determine the spiciness and since I am not the hugest fan of cilantro, I was able to ask for light on the cilantro as well.

It tasted as good as it looked!

For the main dish I ordered the Adobo Chopped Salad.  Also, delicious.  It was full of chopped romaine, grilled chicken, egg, avocado, tomato, pickeled onions, roasted corn, black beans, tortilla chips, and came with a side of guacamole dressing.

We then ended the meal with Mango Mango.  Our waiter had a thick Mexican accent, so it was a bit hard to understand what we were ordering.  After trying the first bite we realized it was like a sorbet!  So good!

Because I knew Brian would be missing out on all of the fun because he of studying, I made him a little BBQ chicken pizza on a Flatout Bread rollup.  He loved it and gobbled up every bite!

This Morning

After a fun evening, I woke up and started the day with a brown rice, greek yogurt, banana bowl.

Now, I’m off for the work day.  We had a carry-in today so expect a cookie recipe later!

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