Hello from the Chicago airport!


I am officially waiting for my flight to Philadelphia that will then take me to London!


We all woke up bright and early to head out to Chicago so we would have a little time to enjoy the day before my flight.

That's all I get for 10 months!

I had a great day in Chicago with my family.  It was the perfect way to say goodbye.  One of my friends from Chicago suggested eating at a little restaurant called Quartino.  It was such a cute authentic Italian restaurant and the food was delicious!


The even had a chef’s coat signed by Julia Child!

Since it was a “small plates” restaurant, my mom gave us all a dish to choose so that we weren’t overwhelmed by the huge menu.  I chose a salad.  Baby spinach and pear to be exact.

Brenna and Dad chose the Margherita pizza.

Mom chose the tortellini with alfredo sauce.

And Brian chose the cavatelli pasta.  All of the pastas were homemade and literally the best I have ever tasted!

It was perfect that we were sharing all of the food because the servings were sized perfectly for us to have a taste of all of the dishes without feeling overfull 😉


We then walked around downtown a little before actually heading to the airport.  When we arrived, I had to check in manually because they misspelled my name on my reservation, and then at first they couldn’t find my reservation….then my bag was about 6 pounds overweight!!


We thought quick on our feet and took out my shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, and shaving cream.  Brenna and Brian scored some free loot while I have to buy more once I am in London…Brian said this is a good situation because now, I will smell like a local!

I am going to miss everyone soooo much!  And even though I have just left and have no idea what is in store, I can’t wait to come back home.


PS…this is the fastest post ever because I got 20 minutes of free internet and just used it for this!!

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