Last night was great!  We were able to hang out with friends, have a great time, and be home by midnight 🙂

We started at the birthday boy’s condo, and then headed to a bar called Kilroy’s where all drinks were half off.  I love gettin’ a deal!  Since Brian and I weren’t trying to stay out too late, we shared a cherry coke long island.  This bar has a giant wall chalk board of all of their drinks and literally half of the wall is all of the different long island flavors they have…they are all tasty!

The Girls
The Birthday Boy is in the blue shirt!



When I went grocery shopping last week, Good Earth Natural Foods had little sampler packets of Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood.  This powder blend contains herbs, antioxidant rich fruits, Acai, Maca, Cacao, pre and probiotics.

I had read about it in the blog world but I had never actually tried it, and since this little packet was only $1.50 I thought this week I would give it a try!

I blended it into a smoothie:

  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • pinch of xanthum gum
  • splenda
  • water and ice cubes for volume
I really liked the texture it gave my smoothie, making it slightly creamier and thicker.  The initial flavor was a little shocking though.  I was expecting chocolate and it tasted more like black licorice.  I added peanut butter to hopefully mask that taste, and as I ate the smoothie bowl it got a lot better!  I have read that Maca is supposed to energize you, and for staying out later than usual for a work night last night….I feel pretty good today!  I don’t know if I will buy that flavor again, but maybe I will try others.

I have no idea what Sarah and I will be doing today, but tonight I teach spin and then it’s  like my weekend starts tonight because I don’t work tomorrow 🙂  Woo! Yay for an early weekend!

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