Hello and happy Saturday!

Brian and I celebrated our May date night last night….but it wasn’t exactly the date I had originally planned.

january date envelope

You can read more about my date night Christmas gift in this post, and if you follow the blog you may have noticed that there has not been an April or May date night update.

One of the reasons that I planned this fun gift for Brian was so that we could carve time out of our busy schedules to just focus on spending time with each other and having fun for at least one night a month.  Unfortunately, these past two date nights have to be postponed because they just don’t fit into our schedule right now.

Are we bummed?  Initially, I was…but Brian lightened my mood when he explained that we could do these dates ANY time.  And he is right.  The dates are all paid for a planned, now we just need a free moment in our schedule, which will most likely come after the wedding.

So, last night we celebrated an altered and much more relaxed version of our May date night.

The night started by PURCHASING my wedding band.  That is a huge check off the wedding to-do list and I feel so happy to have a ring that I am in love with.

photo (27)

photo (28)We then hit up the grocery store to stock up for the week.

By the time we arrived home, we were on the verge of getting hangry (hungry/angry…) so I whipped up a quick dinner out of the week’s leftovers.

Chicken quesadillas and Mexican rice for Brian.

photo (30)A giant salad for me topped with salsa, black banes, guacamole, tofu, chickpeas, and onions.  This meal satisfied both of us, but left us with plenty of room for a little treat.

photo (29)

Frozen yogurt from Yogulatte.

photo (26)

We enjoyed our fro yo while kicking back in our jammies and watching Zero Dark Thirty.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 1.06.31 PMsource

The movie was intense, and SO GOOD.  Brian and I both love a movie that will keep us on the edge of our seats the entire time, and this movie was sure to deliver.  There are parts that are difficult to watch, and it is hard to imagine that this film is based on true events, but I think it was informative and kept my attention until the very end.

Now I gotta run some errands and attend a bridal shower, so I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and Mother’s Day!

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  1. Aren’t the loves our lives the best? They always know just what to say to turn a sad and disappointed mood around. What would we do w/o them?? 🙂 🙂

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