This weekend was amazing and so much fun.  I spent the weekend in Chicago with some of my best girlfriends celebrating my bachelorette party.

I don’t want to miss any details, so I am going to start with the very beginning:

After work on Friday, I met up with three of my friends; Monica, Whitney, and Colleen and we all rode up to Chicago together to celebrate my bachelorette party weekend in Chicago.

bachelorette weekendChicago is about a 3 hour drive (2 hours because of the time change!) from Indianapolis.  So the car ride wasn’t too bad.  It gave us plenty of time to catch up with each other, since it had been a while since I have spent some quality time with these ladies!

photo (24)We stopped to get something to eat at Subway on the way up and I get a delicious salad full of almost every veggie they had on the table and extra pickles.

bachelorette weekend

Once we arrived in Chicago, we were greeted by my sister and Caitlin who had arrived just before us at the hotel.  My sister actually arrived quite a bit earlier than us to set up the room with cute decorations.  I loved it!

bachelorette weekend

bachelorette weekendThe rooms we had were absolutely wonderful!  They were so spacious and had amazing views!!

bachelorette weekend

Once we all got settled, Brenna played bar tender making us delicious drinks and we all decided to paint our nails.  It was such a girly thing to do, and I loved it!

bachelorette weekend

After our nails were painted and gorgeous, Brenna had a little game for us to play.

She emptied out tissue boxes and filled the boxes with ping pong balls.  Then, the boxes were duct taped to our bodies, and we had to see who could literally shake the balls out of the box the fastest.

bachelorette weekend

bachelorette weekend

The game was hilarious and so much fun!  Monica ended up winning by one ball, but I still had a blast shaking my booty 🙂

bachelorette weekend

As we chatted and drank, Brenna provided us with delicious snacks like these little animal cracker truffle balls….boy were these delicious!!!


Finally, we decided to head out to a bar for the night.  We all touched up our makeup, put on fancier clothes and headed out on the town!

bachelorette weekend

bachelorette weekend

It was a night full of drinks, dancing, and so much fun!

bachelorette weekend

We even got to meet one of the Pacers, Miles Plumlee!!

bachelorette weekend

bachelorette weekendAnd at around 2am we decided to call it a night!

Round one was so much fun, I can’t wait to share Day 2 with you.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


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    • It was amazing and so so much fun 🙂 I can’t believe that it is over though and the wedding is so soon!!!

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