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For the past couple of months, I have been training for the Fort 4 Fitness half marathon on September 29.  I completely understand that stretching, resting, and allow the muscles to recover is just as important as getting in the miles.


In order to aid in the muscle repair department I try to stretch and foam roll regularly and plan on attending some yoga classes at the end of this week and before the race next week.  I also purchased a Groupon at the beginning of August for a sports massage.


While working on the cruise line, I was roommates with a masseuse that focused on massage therapy rather than simply using massage for relaxation.  She explained to me the benefits of massage and how it can really aid in athletic performance by allowing the muscles to recover in a speedier and more efficient fashion.  Prior to my cruise ship experience, I simply thought that massage was a luxury relaxation treatment.


I couldn’t have been farther from the truth!


I was able to receive a couple of therapeutic massages while working on the cruise, which really aided in some IT band pain that I was having at the time.  Because I had such a success with massage therapy in the past, when I began training for this half marathon, I knew that at least one massage would be part of the training.


The Groupon was for a masseuse named David Merriweather of Pathway to Perfection.

Since my only experience with massage was on the cruise ship, I really had no idea what to expect.

I began my appointment by filling out a short form with information about me, my activity level, my eating habits, the pain in my body, and my overall health.  The form was very thorough and I feel that it really gave David a snapshot of me and what is going on inside.

After filling out the form, David came out to welcome me and take me back to the massage table.  David was a nice, younger man, who originally wanted to be a sports trainer.  Due to some circumstances, he made the decision to go to massage therapy school and open up his own practice.  He treats all types of people (business people, athletes, people who just want to relax, etc).

We chatted our way throughout the entire massage.  I have never been one to keep silent while on the massage table, I like to learn about my masseuse!

The massage was great, and he definitely worked out some kinks.  The hour flew by and the next thing I knew, it was time for me to head home.

I would definitely recommend booking an appointment at Pathway to Perfection in Indianapolis.


Benefits of massage therapy:

  • Aids muscle soreness
  • Helps relieve headache pain and tension
  • Helps to ease stress
  • May improve sleep


Have you ever had a massage?


Do you get massages for therapy or relaxation?



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