Coming into this weekend, I didn’t realize how bridal it would be.


Yesterday, Brian and some of our friends headed to Richmond, IN for a couples shower for our friends, Tori and Kegan, who are getting married in one month.  I can’t believe the big day is almost here!


Brian was very focused while trying to GPS the destination because we were running slightly late….

But we ended up getting there about 10 minutes early!  The night was spent at one of her relatives restaurants.

The appetizer’s served were all of Tori’s favorites.  There were veggies and dip, bruschetta, muscles, stuffed muscles, and shrimp.

Of course there was dessert.  A set of chocolate golf clubs for Kegan and a chocolate high heel for Tori.  Very appropriate.

This high heel is solid chocolate!

Her sister made some cupcakes too!

Tori cutting the cake

And taking a BIG bite out of her chocolate heel.

Caitlin and I 🙂

Each table had delicious smelling candles that we were able to take with us.  Lindsey and Kate were determined to find the best scent 😉

All the ladies

At the end of the night, they were packaging up the leftovers, but left all of the veggies!  I naturally asked if I could have some and they said to take as much as I wanted! 🙂  Yay for me…Brian was sad that it wasn’t any of the fun stuff like cake 🙁


All in all the night was great, and it was so special to be able to see where Tori is from and meet her family 🙂  I can’t wait until their wedding day!


This morning, I woke up and was ready to run.  I pounded out 5 miles at about a 9 min pace.  I sure felt pretty great about that!

Today, I plan on preparing food for the week, and clipping some coupons.  Gotta love getting the Sunday paper!

My mom and I are also headed to the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show for the day.  She has never been to anything like this before, and wanted to do a little mother daughter bonding.  I have only been to one before, and that was with my sister about 6 months ago.  It should be a blast!  Hopefully we will get lots of great ideas…and free goodies 😉

Have a great Sunday!

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