It’s a pretty special guy’s birthday today….

Brian coffee

Happy birthday, Brian!

This is our last round of birthdays as an unmarried couple.  I feel so lucky to get to spend the rest of my life with such an amazing guy. Just a short 2 months to go and we will be hooked for life…as if we aren’t already! Bring on the birthdays 🙂  I can’t wait to see where our future takes us!

brian and tara


This morning started bright and early by teaching a Bodypump class.

photo (19)I was planning on attending class this morning, but at the last minute I ended up being the one teaching it!  I had to switch my mindset pretty quickly, but it was no biggie at all!! It’s never a problem when I need to help a fellow instructor our, because we ALL need the help at some point.

It was a great switch up to my morning routine…teaching the class rather than taking the class.  I was just thankful that I at least dressed half way decent and brought my iPod.  😉

Typically, when I teach I try to look “nice” (or as nice as I can for working out), but when I workout on my own I just roll out of bed…today I was somewhere in between.  I think everyone got a great workout in regardless of how I looked…


Breakfast was also a delicious switch up to the old routine.

photo (20)There was a small bit of brown rice leftover in the fridge, so I decided to make a little brown rice parfait by topping the rice with Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and frozen cherries.  Simply delicious!

photo (18)The brown rice had the perfect chewy texture and nutty flavor that really made this breakfast meal a treat!  If you’ve never tried rice for breakfast, I highly suggest it!

Question of the Morning:

  • What is something that you have switched up in your routine recently?
  • Was it an expected or unexpected switch up?
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