These past two days have left me in a whirlwind!! So much has happened and I have neglected to share any of it with you.

On Thursday night after teaching spin(I’ll give you the workout later), Brian, his parents and some friends of ours went  to an event at a potential reception venue for Brian and I.  They literally pulled out all the stops on this one.  In each corner there was a different theme or “eventscape” all the way from the walls to the carpet to the table settings!  It was amazing.

Eventscapes galore
Another theme
Pretty gold table setting
Crab appetizer...everything tasted amazing!
A rock was used as the name clever!
Chocolate is always wonderful
On the balcony the hotel had a Moroccan theme
There was a great view of downtown Indianapolis

I then went to the midnight Harry Potter premiere (my first midnight premiere ever!) I brought them pumpkin pasties and cauldron cakes.  Brenna dressed up as a character I had never heard of and her friend, Crystal dressed up as snape 🙂

Yesterday morning, I made my first batch of Oats In A Jar!  I used plain oats, vanilla extract, splenda, cinnamon, a frozen banana, and peanut butter…soooo good!


I then spent the day fitting children with bicycle helmets and educating them on bicycle safety.

Bicycle helmet safety rocks!

We met up with some friends and packed a picnic dinner to watch at the Indianapolis Museum of Art outdoor movie showing!

Picnic dinner

It has been a busy weekend thus far, but great nonetheless.  I will be fitting more children with helmets today, and I have lots more to share with you 🙂

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