So, this post may be a little random, but we will just go with it. OK? OK!

First of all, there were some questions with yesterday’s “day in the life” post regarding my snacking and meal time habits.

When I have crazy days like yesterday, I typically eat bigger “meals” when I have the chance (lunch was a HUGE salad with lots of the filling stuff like sweet potatoes and salmon!).  I know dinners are kind of weird for me on those days which is why I eat more at meal time.  Also, whenever I am eating I really try to listen to my hunger cues.  If I feel hungry between breakfast and lunch or lunch and my evening meal then of course I will eat a snack, but if I don’t feel hungry then I don’t eat a snack…each day is a bit different.  I honestly have never been a hugely snacky person, but I do take advantage of a good snack when necessary.  These past two days (Monday and Tuesday) I haven’t been feeling particularly hungry, but believe me there are days when I get home famished and multiple spoonfuls of nutbutter/snacks are consumed…that just wasn’t the case on the day I shared with you.  Sorry for any confusion!

In other news…I perfectly peeled my egg!!

peeled egg

None of the white came out with the shell and the shell came off perfectly in two halves.  Amazing!  I’m pretty sure that is the only time that will ever happen because I am the world’s worst egg peeler and always lose half of my egg to the shell, but at least I got one good peel under my belt 🙂

Baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon have been tasting like candy to me….so good!


My order of Tone It Up’s Perfect Fit Protein arrived in the mail yesterday!

perfect fit protein

I had a sample packet a while back and made this blueberry smoothie bowl which was amazing!!

I get a little nervous when making smoothies and such with vegetarian protein powders, but I found the Perfect Fit added a nice creamy texture and had really great flavor.  Probably my favorite vegetarian protein powder yet!

blueberry smoothie

Calling All Week Night Recipes!

OK, I feel like I am in a food rut…

I feel like I am making the same things each week and I need to add some variety into my life and I am calling to all of YOU for help!

What are some of your favorite week night meals and recipes?  I would love to try out some new-to-me meals/foods and I just have zero creative juices flowing right now!  Can’t wait to hear what you have to share 🙂

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    • Farro is on the list. Haven’t tried it yet, but I want to! Thanks for sharing these yummy recipes!

  1. My go-to dinner is salsa chicken: Chicken in the slow cooker with a jar of salsa. Make a salad, burrito, taco – whatever. I also like to do Asian-inspired noodle bowls. Use a julienne peeler and make cucumber, carrot and zucchini noodles. Add cooked soba noodles, protein and lettuce. There’s a sesame-lime dressing that I get from the co-op that I like to top with it.

  2. I am feeling in the same kinda rut but I determined to fix it! Lately, I have been making lots of ground beef (which I know you don’t eat) but what about fish cakes? I want to create a fish lettuce wrap recipe!
    PS. About the HB eggs… try running them under cold water immediately after they boil! It makes for way easier peal-age 🙂

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