This morning my workout was a 4.5 mile run.  I intended for it to be 4 miles, but I miscalculated.  Instead of using map my run I decided today I would count my miles by counting street blocks, however I didn’t realize that in the area I am in not every block is the same length until the middle of my run.  Oh well, an extra half mile never hurt anybody 🙂


I am dog sitting for the family I nanny for, and I woke up a little later than expected.  Because of this breakfast was a quick Bora Bora bar grabbed on my way out the door.  It tasted good and it was quick and easy.


Yoga and Flexibility

I love fitness and trying and teaching new classes, but one thing that I have never truly caught onto was yoga.  I have taken 2 classes in my life (one being a couple of weeks ago), and attempted to do one video.  This is something I need to overcome.  Part of my hesitation and sometimes frustration is my lack of flexibility.  When I used to think yoga, I thought that you basically had to bend into a pretzel to find any sort of benefit from the activity.  When I took my most recent yoga class, I realized that flexibility is not the determining factor in whether or not you will excel in yoga.  In fact, a non-flexbible person may benefit from yoga even more because it feels like one giant stretch session!

I realized that it is more about stretching your body where it is natural to stretch and that everybody is different.  Simply because I can’t touch my toes does not mean that I will not excel or benefit from the practice of yoga.  It is my goal to do a little yoga everyday, to ease myself into it, and enjoy the relaxation of the activity rather than wish I were running around a million miles a minute.  Don’t worry…I will keep you updated on my progress!

P.S.  Tonight is my first night at my new retail job and I will be posting my work outfit selection!

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  1. You can do it, Tara! Thanks for the reminder to stretch because you really do lose it if you don’t use it! I’m starting to feel the effects now that I’m not cheering and need to make an effort to stretch every day! Not only to stay flexible, but because tight hamstrings lead to a tight lower back!!

  2. when it comes to being flexible be kind to yourself and patient. It’s permanent relationship once you get it. And heres the other thing-everyone’s muscle length is different. I knew an incredible dancer that had perfect splits and could almost kick herself in the face. She never once in her whole dancing career touched her toes. The belly of her center hamstring was just too short and nothing is ever going to change it. But she still reaches for those little piggies everyday. 70% of the success behind a yoga practice is just showing up. Keep reaching!

  3. Interesting timing on tripping across your post today – I’m a runner that was contemplating taking a Yoga class. I can’t touch my toes either! (I have not been able to since my age was in single digits!)

    Thank you for the thought on how Yoga can benefit those of us that have the flexibility of a Rock! Makes me feel better about my Yoga Class that I will be doing Tuesday!

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