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What’s in My Carry On – I’m Headed to FNCE!

Over the past few years, each fall I get excited to read recaps from all of the bloggers I follow that are RDs or RD2Be’s who attend FNCE (pronounced “fence-see” short for Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo).

Well guess what…this year I am going to FNCE in Boston as a partner with NOW Foods! NOW will have a booth at the expo, and I will help man the table. When I’m not behind the table, I’ll be excited to meet many RDs that I’ve only spoken with online and I’ll be attending nutrition education seminars and discussions.

As I was preparing for the trip (I leave this Friday), naturally I started packing my bag (I’m the kind of gal who likes to overpack many days in advance). I thought it may be fun for me to share some of the items that make it into my carry on (which is a backpack similar to this) when traveling.