After such an amazing week in Fort Wayne, it’s crazy to think that this week we get to enjoy more holiday cheer in Indianapolis with Brian’s family.  I love it!

Friday, the day after Christmas, Brian and I got up early to hit the road and head to Indianapolis to start off our holiday visit with them.  We started our visit with a brunch hosted by Brian’s parents for several of Brian’s childhood friends.  Such a fun way to start things off!

Christmas 2014

After brunch, we hung out with the family and enjoyed a little relaxation.

Christmas 2014

We then had the family over to celebrate Erin (Brian’s aunt) birthday!  After a yummy dinner we all headed downtown to a new bar on Mass Ave called Nine Irish Brothers.

9 Irish Brothers- Erin's Birthday

9 Irish Brothers- Erin's Birthday

We knew the band playing that night and made sure to get seats front and center.  The lead singer and bagpiper was the person who played bagpipes in our wedding!  The band was sooo fun!

9 Irish Brothers- Erin's Birthday

Me with the birthday girl 🙂

9 Irish Brothers- Erin's Birthday

The whole Rochford group at Nine Irish Brothers.  So fun!  Nine Irish Brothers was a great place to go with the entire family because there were people of all ages (of course over 21) at the bar.  There were lots of other families there too, but there was still a fun and energetic atmosphere.

9 Irish Brothers- Erin's Birthday

Saturday afternoon we headed out to the Indianapolis Museum of Art to visit the Lilly House, which is a historic mansion.  It was great because the IMA and the Lilly House are currently free to the public until April 2015, so if you are in Indy during the winter/early spring I definitely recommend checking them out!

Lilly House Brian Tara Grandma

The house was absolutely amazing! I loved seeing the Christmas decorations everywhere.  So pretty.

Lilly House

My favorite part about the Lilly House was the first floor, which was decorated as if the family was still living there.  I can’t believe how ornate and large this residence was!

Lilly House Brian and Tara

The kitchen was so cute!

Lilly House

Sunday morning, I went for a little jog and while the scenery was MUCH different than my usual route through downtown Denver it was still beautiful.  I loved being outside and moving my body.

Running in Greenwood, IN

We then spent most of the day yesterday crafting. up. a. storm.  We made candles, salt scrub, lip balm, and cookies.  I loved being around everyone and having everyone pitch in to help with different things.

Crafting Christmas 2014

We made the candles in cute little teacups.  How adorable is that?!

Crafting Christmas 2014

After our crafting extravaganza, Brian and I headed out to Union 50 to meet up with a friend from college.

Union 50

It was so great to catch up with her, and I loved trying out a new restaurant.  The restaurant had such a cool interior with super high ceilings and a stage for live music (a jazz saxophone played while we were there!).  There are many unique dishes to try, but Brian and I simply split an order of their french fries (which were wonderful!).

Tara and Lauren Albert 2014

If you are enjoying time off and holiday celebrations this week too, I hope it’s amazing for you!! I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s week and I’ll check in with you again soon!

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