Merry Christmas Eve!!

Today started with an early Body Pump class that was holiday themed!  I considered taking today off, but when the instructor said that this was a special class I couldn’t pass it up.  We ended up doing a 30 minute session of Body Pump and a 30 minute session of CXWORKS and the instructor gave us all snowman poop!

snowman poop


It wasn’t really poop, it was white tic-tacs with a special wrapper 🙂

I then came home and quickly showered because I had one big job on my to-do list today.  Make sugar cut-out Christmas cookies!

My family always baked our sugar cookies on Christmas Eve and decorated them all together.  We would each get to dye one of the frostings the color we wanted and somehow my brother’s always ended up black…

A photo from decorating a couple of years ago:


Now that I am spending Christmas Eve with Brian’s family, I have to make sure that my tradition carries through by making cookies for his family!  The plan is to get everything made and cooled so it is ready for decorating when Brian’s Grandma and Aunt Erin come over.

I am now headed off to the kitchen to start baking and decorating.

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