If you are like me and LOVE trying new fitness classes and switching up your workout routine all the time, then ClassPass is just for you!


ClassPass launched in Denver, last month and I gave it a test run for all of you!

What is ClassPass?

For 99$ a month, you can attend an unlimited number of classes at the fitness studios that are partnered with ClassPass.  The catch is, you can only visit the same studio (including other locations) 3 times per month, but at the start of the new month you can go back to that studio you maxed out on.

To book the classes, you simply login online, select the class you want to attend and click the “reserve” button.  You must book your classes 24 hours in advance, but if you want to book within the 24 hour period just e-mail ClassPass and they will try to get you in.  (I didn’t try out that feature!)

When I was booking classes, I sat down on Sunday night with my planner to look through the classes.  I decided I wanted to try out the new-to-me studios on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and found classes that fit my schedule on those days.  I was a little nervous booking so far in advance, but the day prior to the class I got a friendly reminder e-mail from ClassPass that included the class, time, address of the studio I was going to and a little piece of extra advice from each studio (such as, arrive 15 minutes early to complete a waiver).

When I arrived to the classes, my name was on the roster just as if I had registered on the studios’ site!  I was very impressed by how seamless the whole registration process went.

What studios can you visit?

As of right now, there are 81 studios that are working with ClassPass in the Denver area, and they are constantly adding more. Just last week I got an e-mail with a list of new studios that were added to the list.

I am currently still in my month-long trial, but I attended three studios last week that I had never been to.

Bonza Bodies Fitness

Bonza Bodies Fitness has two locations, and I attended the downtown Denver location.  It is located in the basement of a building and is a very small intimate studio.  The class I attended was called “Tighten Up” and was very small (probably because it was so early in the morning), but I really liked it.  We started with a dynamic warm up then completed two circuit-type workouts.  My favorite part was using new-to-me pieces of equipment like ViPRs and we were doing new-to-me exercises.  It was a great combination of strength and cardio work that definitely left me sweating by the end.

**If you attend a class at Bonza Bodies Downtown, make sure you go early and look for parking on the street, there is no parking lot associated with the downtown location.

Kindness Yoga

Kindness Yoga has several locations throughout the city, but this was my first time visiting any of them.  I had taken class with a Kindness Yoga instructor during a free Lululemon session, and absolutely loved it so I was excited to have the studio experience.  Overall the class was really great.  The instructor focused on making the Vinyasa class challenging, but really helped us all with our technique (which I loved!).  I chatted a bit with some of the regulars in the class and they recommended attending one of the hot yoga sessions, so I’m definitely going to have to make room for that in my schedule soon!

Pure Barre

I’ve attended barre classes before, but never a “pure barre” class.  I have heard so many great things about these studios from other bloggers and friends, so I had high expectations and I was really excited to finally try it out.  Thankfully, the class lived up to my expectations.  My muscles were burning and shaking, and the instructor knew that this was my first time and really made sure I understood the technique of the class which I totally loved and appreciated.  AND to put the cherry on top of an already awesome experience, they mailed me a thank you card with a handwritten note.  I DEFINITELY want to go back to that studio 🙂

Who is ClassPass good for?

ClassPass is great for someone who likes to switch up their workout routine often, is new to the area and wants to try a ton of new studios before committing to one or two, or someone who wants to supplement an outdoor running/workout routine but wants to avoid purchasing a membership to just one gym.

It was really fun to try out new-to-me studios and classes last week and I can’t wait to continue to try more out!

My ClassPass Wishlist:

Because I LOVE trying new classes, I made a list of all the studios that I hope to check out this month:

Are you interested in trying ClassPass for your self?  All you have to do is visit ClassPass to sign up!

I was given a free month of ClassPass in exchange for an honest review of this service.  As always, all opinions are my own! 🙂

Questions of the Day:

  • If you are in the Denver area, what are some of your favorite boutique fitness classes?
  • Do you like to constantly change up your workout routine?

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  1. Tara – are you still using Class Pass? Do you find that you can generally get into classes you want to get into?

    • Hey Jenn! I’m not doing Class Pass just because I have a great gym that I am a member of that is much more affordable. That being said I LOVED Class Pass and there are new gyms added all the time. I have just recommended it to two of my friends and they absolutely love it!! They have not had any issues getting into classes they like 🙂

  2. Hi! I was given a free month to use class pass and I’m kicking myself for not doing it now – I was super committed to CorePower at the time but now I want to switch up my workout. I’m super annoyed at Classpass’s website, you can’t see any of the studios or classes BEFORE you enter CC information (what’s that all about??) AND I had no idea that you have to sign up for classes 24 hours in advance (kind of annoying for someone who’s schedule changes by the minute) I’m tempted to join them but those few things turn me off about them….. hm.

    • So sorry for the negative experience. If your schedule is that volatile, then classpass may not be the best fit for you.

  3. Lucky! I have been dieing to try Class Pass. It sounds like such a fun way to try out new classes. And, it’s really not that expensive if you are already taking studio classes. My hesitation is with my busy schedule, I have a hard time committing to going to classes.

  4. Oh my goodness, this sounds like something I would really like! I wish it was available where I live! I absolutely love Pure Barre too, but am always wanting to switch up my workouts. Thanks for sharing!

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