Before Lisa, a co-worker, and I headed back to the convention center for our second day of Club Industry we got a little Starbucks treat.

chicago lisa

chicago tara

How cute were the pink cup holders?

Once we headed to the convention center, we attended a seminar then walked around the trade show shopping for fitness equipment and scoping out current trends in the industry.  There were a couple of group fitness classes demonstrated at the event, so I made sure to participate in at least one.

chicago club industry 6

It was a dance-style class, and just being honest here…I am not a dancer!  I have no problem learning choreography, being in front of people, or completing the moves, but my execution simply doesn’t have the “style” needed to make it look normal.  No big deal, I know I’m not a dancer I just felt a LITTLE out of place during this class since the participant crowd was pretty small.

chicago club industry 5

Another fun thing we tried was reACT Functional Eccentric Trainer.

chicago club industry 4

This piece of equipment looks like a treadmill, but actually moves up and down so it looks more like you are surfing when you are using it.

chicago club industry 7

My thighs were absolutely burning after I tried this one!! It’s a lot harder than it looks.

chicago club industry 3

After viewing and visiting the trade show booths, we were more than ready for dinner.

Luckily, there was a yummy looking Mexican restaurant called Su Casa right across the street from the hotel.  Thomas, another co-worker, and his wife joined us for dinner too!

chicago dinner

chicago dinner 2

Mmmm it was so tasty.  We enjoyed more than our fair share of tortilla chips and salsa, and I ate a veggie fajita minus the tortillas for dinner.  So good!

chicago dinner 3


On Friday morning, Lisa and I woke up VERY early to head out on the group run sponsored by Club Industry.

Unfortunately, it looked like we were the only ones who got the memo…

club industry 1

Not a soul was around!

Needless to say, we ended up NOT running in the dark and cold and headed back to our hotel.  If we were familiar with the area, I would have considered running anyways, but since we both had no clue about where we were we thought it was best not to risk getting lost.

The big event we were attending on Friday was the Keynote Speaker:  Bridget Brennan, CEO of the Female Factor and author of “Why She Buys.”

why she buys

Her discussion was an overview of what drives women to make purchases, and why her motives are different than the motives of a male purchaser.  It was all very interesting and motivating.  I loved how comfortable and natural Bridget was in front of the audience, and overall I think she did an amazing job at educating us on what drives women to select the products and services we use on a day to day basis.

After the seminar, it was time for me to hit the road again.  I headed up to Fort Wayne to stay at my parents and arrived just in time for a delicious dinner of salmon cakes over salad.  Yum!

salmon cake salad

Now, I am off to Ohio for the day to attend my certification weekend for CXWORX…wish me luck!

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    • Thanks, Andrea!! Brian told me you had an amazing interview!! I’m not surprised 🙂 Good luck with the rest!

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