Colfax Half Marathon via Treble in the Kitchen

This week, the big challenge was completing 8 miles.  I can’t believe that I’m already at such high mileage (I haven’t run that far in about 6 months!), but the weather is finally cooperating.  I was able to run in beautiful sunshine with just a tank top on and it felt SO good 😉


  • Monday | Teach Bodypump
  • Tuesday | Boot Camp
  • Wednesday | 3 mile walk and 3 mile run

This is where things got interesting last week. Initially, I was planning on completing my 8 mile long run on Wednesday instead of Thursday because the weather on Thursday looked a bit iffy.  I set out for the run and 3 miles in and I knew that I needed to turn around and walk home.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever done that before but my body was really achy and I didn’t feel right completing the run.  Thankfully, I made it home and rested the rest of the day and Thursday (workout wise).

  • Thursday | OFF (see above)
  • Friday | Taught Tabata and Total Strength, so I mildly participated and I did some tabata sprints on the treadmill after class.

Colfax Half Marathon Training | Treble in the Kitchen

I was so thankful to be feeling myself again on Friday and made sure to get some miles and speed work in the treadmill.  All felt great!

  • Saturday | 8 mile run

Colfax Half Marathon Training | Treble in the Kitchen

I took Bernie with me and he did AMAZING! There were a couple of times when he tried to run towards a bird or something around mile 5, but other than that he stayed right by my side!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and I quickly took that jacket off once I started running.  It was about 60 degrees and perfectly sunny, so I ran to Wash Park and EVERYONE was out.  I loved being around so many people!

Colfax Half Marathon Training | Treble in the Kitchen

While the run felt great and Bernie did a great job, I kind of felt like he was slowing me down a bit at times.  Does anyone out there have experience running with dogs? Have you ever felt like this?

  • Sunday| OFF (did a bit of walking and stretching!)

Despite, my midweek hiccup the overall training really felt great!

Question of the Day:

  • Do you have any tips or tricks in regards to running with dogs?
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  1. Congrats on getting in 8 miles!! I used to run with my little pup (he could easily run 5 miles) but now I just stick to shorter runs with both of my dogs. I do most of my running on a treadmill because I like to catch up on shows while I run and the weather is already in the 80s in Dallas… too hot!

    • Thanks, Taylor!! Do you run with both dogs at the same time!? Crazy! Catching up on shows while running is always a plus 🙂

  2. You really have to let the pups work up to the milage too. Astro doesn’t like to run further than six miles. He will, but it isn’t really his “thing”. Also he gets super thirsty so I try and give him a snack or some water.

    • Yes! I totally agree 🙂 Bernie didn’t seem phased at all by the 8 miles, which was a little surprising. He literally was glued to my heels practically (which is rare!). We are totally working up to the mileage though. We have done 3 mile runs for a while now, then went to 4, then 6, last week the longest was 8, this week we are back to 6 (with shorter runs and longer walks mixed in!). And I have noticed that water is a must too 🙂

  3. I need to LEARN some tips for running with dogs. I recently took my two biggest doggies for a run and was tripped by one, which left me with some scrapes and bruises. :O

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry, Courtney! I haven’t had that experience yet, but I’ll be sure to watch out.

  4. Great job Bernie! I don’t take Selma with me on runs of over 3 miles (she’s a lab so not as good of a long distance runner as viszlas) and she’s always staying right by me! Luckily she stays right with me and doesn’t sniff around or hold me back!

    • I hear labs are great runners! Maybe it depends on the pup 🙂 That’s great that she doesn’t sniff 🙂 Bernie didn’t sniff too much, it was more like he was running slightly slower than me (or maybe I was just running slower than I wanted to!!)

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