First thing’s first, I owe you a work look!

My walk to work was amazing!  I love when the weather is sunny and bright, I feel like it just puts everyone in a good smiley mood 🙂

Everything just seemed to be bright and cheery.


Tonight’s dinner takes me back to my freshman college days.  As a freshman at Butler you have to sign up for a meal plan which gives you the option of eating in the cafeteria in Atherton Union or in the basement of Atherton Union in a little place called C-Club.  At Butler, it seems like the majority of people don’t really enjoy eating at either place for many reasons…one being the smell that Atherton leaves on your clothes.

Anyways, in C-Club we had the option of a pizza restaurant, a burgers and fries type restaurant, a smoothie bar (I ate there almost every other day!), a la cart options, and a sandwich/deli place.  I would eat at the C-Club sandwich/deli place almost every day and order the taco salad, but I would tell them that I wanted to add a couple of extra things….aka I would basically build my own salad.

I would start by asking for a lot of spinach on the bottom or spinach and romaine if they had it.  If I didn’t specify a lot, and even if I did, they would literally put a couple of leaves down and then ask if I wanted tortilla chips on the bottom about 5 times.   I would politely ensure them that no, I was sure I didn’t want any tortilla chips and yes, I did want the majority of my salad to be spinach.  I would then top it with grilled chicken, red onion, banana peppers, tomato, black beans, and parmesan cheese.  I also had to be very specific about the cheese because the salad makers would literally grab a handful of shredded parmesan cheese and dump it on top of my salad…sorry, but I am not ordering a parmesan cheese salad.  They would then ask if I wanted nacho cheese or dressing and be shocked when every time I told them no thank you and then snagged two packets of salsa.  I still think that salsa is one of the best salad dressings.

So, tonight I made my rendition of the made-to-order C-Club taco salad for dinner.

It tasted delicious!  Just as I remembered.

Brian and I are having friends come over later tonight for dessert so I baked chocolate chippers (chocolate chip cookies) and we are topping them with Edy’s Yogurt Blend’s Vanilla 🙂  I can hardly wait!


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