I cannot believe that this is Thanksgiving week!  My how time flies, and boy do I have a lot to get done before I can completely kick back and relax on this wonderful holiday celebrating what we are thankful for and family.

Saturday, after teaching Body Pump, I showered up and got ready to visit Brian’s aunt at the Greenwood Craft and Gift Show.  She had a booth where she sold Colt’s Football themed accessories…that she either made or embellished!  She made headbands, bag ties, scarves, hot mitts, just a little bit of everything.

After visiting with her for a while, I decided to walk around and see what the other booths had to offer.  Boy, was this an overwhelming choice.  There were so many booths, that after an hour of browsing the selection…I still don’t think I hit them all!

I really liked this pink Christmas tree 😉

And I thought this snowman wreath was adorable!  I did not end up buying anything because I didn’t bring any cash, but that was probably a good decision on my part to avoid any impulse buys.

Aside from the Christmas decor, my favorite booth was probably the Tupperware booth!  I had no idea that there were so many sets that were stackable, packable, colorful, and anything else that was necessary for the occasion.

Check out this baby Tupperware pitcher!

After spending my fair share of time at the craft show, Brian and I headed to our friend’s lake house to just relax for the evening with him and his girlfriend.

We made gluten free pizzas (our friend has a gluten sensitivity), and gluten free cookies.  Of course, I stuffed my pizza with veggies 😉

We simply played games and relaxed the entire night…it was much needed.  Our favorite game was Man Laws and Woman Rules.  Seriously, this game was so fun, and it was interesting to see what everyone else’s opinion was on certain male or female topics.  Definitely a winner game in my book!

For breakfast, I whipped up myself a batch of egg whites with leftover pizza veggies.  I also made a cinnamon quinoa bake that I found on Pinterest.  It was so tasty, and I made sure to top it with a little PB and also have some extra PB on the side 😉

The rest of the day was spent doing as much prep work as possible for the week, but I couldn’t help but take a moment to glance through…

The Indianapolis holiday guide!  Brian and I are planning on doing a lot of fun holiday-related activities these next couple of months.

What are some of your favorite things to do to ring in the holiday season?

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