Yesterday was very successful!  I was able to unpack everything I needed, organize my clothing making room for all of the new goodies from Brian’s mom, clean up and organize our closet, and organize the bathroom closet.

After all of the cleaning and organizing, I needed a break, so Brian, our friend Caitlin, and I headed outside to the perfectly sunny and slightly windy weather for a little boot camp workout lead by yours truly!

We did a small circuit with a minute of each exercise three times:

  • Bench step ups
  • Knee to chest plank
  • Tricep dips

We then ran 3 miles together, and then I ran another 3 by myself!  The workout was fun because we were outdoors and in good company 🙂  That always makes a good workout go by fast.

Nice and sweaty from our workout!

We then showered up, ate some random food because there wasn’t anything to really make a meal and then headed to the grocery store.  We weren’t done at the store until 10pm…it was 7:30pm when we headed to the store, which gave us a late start to begin with so we were very tired by the end.  Going to the grocery store after being gone for a while is always the most expensive trip ever!  So, even though I spent more than planned, I was able to stock up on some essential items that we were lacking in the cupboards.


This morning, I started out bright (or should I say dark) and early with the Insanity Max Interval Sport video.  I had done the insanity workouts at the beginning of last summer and honestly got a little bored with the program, but because I don’t have a gym membership yet and I am not teaching group fitness yet, the workout did the body some good.  I then followed the workout with a little bit of ab work:

  • 50 crunches
  • 50 clam crunches
  • 50 toe touches (to the ground to target lower abs)
  • 50 bicycle crunches
  • 50 oblique crunches
  • 10 oblique reach throughs on each side

It was great to get back on track and start the day with a major sweat session.  Today, I have a couple of meetings, but the big thing on the agenda is organizing the kitchen!  That will feel good to get done 😉

I then had a delicious breakfast of oatmeal, berries, Sunwarrior, and Krema peanut butter.

While there is always a time and place for the traditional Skippy or Jif peanut butter, to me, there is nothing that beats the peanutty taste of Krema peanut butter…and what are the ingredients??? Peanuts!  That is it, and I think that is my favorite thing about this kind of peanut butter, no added oils, salts or sugar because they are sooo not needed.  If you haven’t tried this kind of PB, then you do not know what you are missing 😉


I am trying so hard to get on a schedule that is somewhat normal, but right now I feel it is almost impossible to do so!  Things just keep popping up and the next thing I know it is 10pm!! Somehow I will get this whole schedule thing figured out.


Have a wonderful Tuesday!!



What is on your to-do list today???

What is going to be your workout??

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