Good morning friends!

I have been contemplating writing a “day in the life post” for quite some time now, but every time I think to do it I either don’t have enough pictures to make it interesting OR I think “that was a really boring/busy day and not the usual…”  Well, I decided after taking lots of pictures of my day yesterday that today was as good a time as any to share a “day in the life” with you.

Mondays are pretty late for me, probably my latest night of the week.  That being said, every week is a little different and there are always fun little surprises that pop up!

Here is a day in MY life Monday:

4:30am – wake up (I know it’s early, but I am most productive in the morning and I LOVE getting up early…call me crazy..I know!)

4:30am-5:30am – shower, do my hair, makeup get ready for the day.  This is the one day I actually don’t shower at the gym because I teach a double class at night so no need for me to workout in the morning.

5:30am – make myself a breakfast scramble with one egg, two egg whites, broccoli slaw and spinach.  On the side I had frozen banana and blueberries with an almond milk iced coffee.  Yum!


5:30am – while I was getting my breakfast together I also whipped up a frittata for my breakfast on the other mornings of the week.  Monday’s are also the only day I eat breakfast at home (unless I take a midweek rest day) so it’s important for me to be prepared and have something that is easy, filling, and nutritious for me to throw in my lunch bag for the other days when I eat between the gym and work.

breakfast frittata

5:30am – AND because I LOVE multitasking, I also threw together the ingredients for my Vegetable Curry Crock Pot Shrimp Dinner but subbed organic, free range chicken for the shrimp because that is what we had on hand.  I have late nights every night this week, so this will be Brian’s dinner for the majority of the evenings.

crock pot

5:45am – eat breakfast, read blogs, review Bodypump and CXWORX choreography for the night and get ready for the day.

7:20am – Brush my teeth, scramble around trying to make sure I have everything I need as Brian stands by the door and tells me we have to go!!

7:30am – Get in the car with Brian and we head to work/school together.  The gym I work at is on the same campus Brian goes to school at, so carpooling is super easy!

7:40am – Arrive at work, put my 5 billion bags away, say good morning to my coworkers and start the day!

8:00am-noonish – work, work, work

12:00ishpm-around 1:00pm – Lunch break!  Sometimes I can wait until 1pm or 2pm for lunch, but recently I have been getting hungry early so I have been taking my break a little earlier.

Lunch today was a salad of spinach, romaine, cucumber, bell pepper, carrot, celery, tomato, baked sweet potato, salmon, dijon mustard and red wine vinegar.  It was really yummy!


After I enjoyed my tasty salad, I wrote and published yesterday’s Weekend Recap blog post.  This was actually unusual for me, as I try to write my weekend recap either on Sunday nights or Monday mornings but neither of those happened this week, so lunch time it was!

1:00pm-5:00pm – work, work, work

5:00pm – Stay at the gym, because I teach later in the evening, but take a moment to read an article about Hyponatremia that a coworker shared with me (because we are both obsessive water drinkers!) and eat a pre-workout snack.


My pre-workout snack was a hardboiled egg and some macadamia nuts.

hardboiled egg

5:45pm – change into workout gear, get in teaching mode.

6:35pm – Teach Bodypump with a surprising amount of energy.  Every time I teach this class, I can’t help but think “how am I teaching this tonight!?”  It has always been a struggle for me to workout/teach in the evenings because I just have so much energy earlier in the day I am completely worn out after 5pm…but I manage to do it!!

Bodypump 2

7:40pm – Teach CXWORX…again I literally think to myself “where is this energy coming from!?”  I think my adrenaline is what carries me through both of these classes 🙂

8:20pm – Brian picks me up from the gym and I am more than ready to get home.  In the car I eat another snack.  Hardboiled egg and sweet potato this time!

1-photo (6)

8:30pm – Finally home for the night!  I am a little hungry, so I had a couple of bites of the Curry Crock Pot Dinner but honestly didn’t eat much because I don’t like eating super late at night.

I still had a hankering for something and then I remembered I bought a bottle of Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Drink.

kevita probiotic drink

Honestly, I was pretty nervous to try it because when I first tried kombucha I desperately WANTED and TRIED to like it, but I just couldn’t do it…but this stuff?  OMG! It was so good and like a little treat.  I loved the bubbles!

kevita probiotic drink

I only had half of the bottle and saved the other half for later. I posted about this on facebook and apparently, you can make the sparkling stuff homemade!! I have to try it out…

9:00pm- Get my laundry out of the washing machine (oops, I let it sit in there all day…), pack my bag for tomorrow (which is today) and get ready for bed.

9:30pm – Brian and I get cozy in bed and read chapters 14, 15, and 16 of Insurgent, the second book in the Divergent series.  We are at such an intense moment of the book, it was hard to put it down!!



10:15pm – my eyes started to shut as we were reading, which meant TIME FOR BED! Lights out and I was fast asleep.

There ya have it friends!! My first day in the life post 🙂

Question of the Morning:

  • Have you ever made homemade sparkling kombucha?!  I would love to know any tips/tricks you may have up your sleeve…I can’t wait to make some myself.

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  1. That is a crazy long day, mine get like that if they schedule me for a double, thank god that’s only once a month or so!

    Just wondering do you throw a snack in between breakfast and lunch, I can’t imagine going over 4 hours with nothing in me. If it’s because you didn’t photograph it maybe you can just write that you ate something.

    • Hey Melanie! Thanks for reading. I typically don’t snack between breakfast and lunch. On occasion I get hungry and when that happens of course I eat something, but I have never been a huge snacker so for me, eating full meals works best. I try to listen to my body and listen to my hunger cues when it comes to snacking 🙂 Each day is a little bit different.

  2. girl! that is SUCH a long day but i can totally relate. make sure that you are getting enough rest AND enough fuel to make it sustainable long-term. i know it can be hard to want to eat a big dinner after getting home late but you burn a ton of calories teaching those classes and your body needs the food to repair and restore. <3

    • Thanks for the support, Jen! You are the queen of long days. The part I struggle with is getting enough rest…I just want to be awake and go, go , go all the time!! It is something I am constantly working on.

  3. Just found your blog and I love it. You have such a busy day so it’s great to see how your fuel your body for it. Can’t wait to read some more of your posts!

    P.s – Just finished the whole Divergent trilogy – so so SO good!

  4. I am a fitness instructor in the evening, but I am also a morning person. My biggest struggle is finding the best pre-workout energy (and amount) between lunch and “dinner”. I hate the thought of skipping on dinner, but I know I cannot fast from lunch through my fitness classes and make it to dinner. It’s my biggest challenge, and sometimes I eat way too much before my classes and highly regret it. I look forward to dinner every night because that’s my boyfriend and I’s time to unwind together. Have you ever felt that way? What are some other small satisfying pre-workout snacks that have worked for you?

    • I understand looking forward to eating with your loved ones and I miss that time with Brian but I honestly find that I function best when I eat half a meal as a snack before my class and then the other half after. Sometimes I still need something else so I will have soup or veggies and hummus or even a smoothie but because I don’t want to be wry hungry later in the evening I tend to eat more for breakfast and lunch to compensate 🙂

  5. Long day is right! wow. 6 hours of sleep and no dinner? I know I couldn’t do that. You are obviously thriving, though. So it’s agreeing with YOU, that’s for sure!

    • My dinner was broken up into parts…jut because I didn’t sit down to a meal doesn’t mean I didn’t eat 🙂 some days are weird so I eat more at the meals when I can actually sit down

  6. Girl, you have one long day. Theres no way I’d be able to make it until after 10 Ha Ha! I love that our mornings are so similar – as I do most of my work then & always multi task. I find it’s the time of the day where I have the most energy.

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