Want to leave your home smelling amazing? Make my simple, homemade, clean, and green essential oil room spray that adds a refreshing scent to any room in the house.  Made with water, alcohol, and essential oils this DIY room spray couldn’t get any easier!

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DIY Essential Oil Room Spray #cleanliving #tararochfordnutrition

This post for DIY Essential Oil Room Spray was originally published in July 2016. Photos and content were updated in May 2021.

I absolutely adore essential oils. I love the subtle scent that can fill a room, and I love that the scent really can improve my mood!


DIY Essential Oil Room Spray #cleanliving #tararochfordnutrition

To me, using the right blend of essential oils lifts my mood and helps me focus, push and develop my productivity just a little bit further throughout the day.

While I don’t claim to be an aromatherapy expert, I have found that not only diffusing essential oils but also making a simple homemade room spray makes a room not only smell amazing but also feel good.

I’ve loved developing my own room sprays, I thought I would share this recipe with you all! This homemade room spray is great to use in a spot where you are not able to put a diffuser, but still want the benefits of having an essential oil room spray.

Essential Oil Room Spray Tips

  • Make sure to use a glass bottle.  Some essential oils are very strong and may wear the plastic material down.
  • Alcohol is an essential component.  Because the only other ingredients are essential oils and water, we need something to make the oil and water mix.  Even though we use alcohol to help the mixture, it’s still necessary to shake the spray before each use.
  • Choose any essential oils you want! Below, I share a recipe for my favorite essential oil blend, but you can mix and match (or use one single essential oil) to get a scent you absolutely adore.

The essential oils I chose to use are Jasmine and Orange, not only because of the wonderful smell, but because of the benefits shared by NOW Foods.

  • Jasmine oil promotes inner strength and grounding
  • Orange oil is energizing and uplifting

Other items for your home:

Do you love essential oils just as much as I do? In the comments below, comment on what your favorite essential oil fragrance is your favorite.

DIY Essential Oil Room Spray #cleanliving #tararochfordnutrition

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DIY Essential Oil Room Spray #cleanliving #tararochfordnutrition

DIY Essential Oil Room Spray

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  • Author: Tara Rochford
  • Total Time: 5 mins
  • Yield: 1 bottle 1x


A simple, homemade, clean and green essential oil room spray that adds a refreshing scent to any room in the house.  Made with water, alcohol, and essential oils this DIY room spray couldn’t get any easier!




  1. Combine water, alcohol, and essential oils in the 4 oz glass bottle.
  2. Shake ingredients and spritz around the home for a fresh and clean scent!


Make sure to shake before each use.
*You can use 10-40 drops of any essential oils you wish! This is just a blend I love.

  • Cook Time: 5 mins
  • Category: essential oils, home, cleaning, room spray

DIY Essential Oil Room Spray #cleanliving #tararochfordnutrition

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  1. I’m all about creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere at home, and DIY solutions like this are right up my alley. Your step-by-step guide is super clear and makes it easy for even a newbie like me to try it out.

    I’m thinking of experimenting with different essential oil combinations for different moods or occasions.

  2. fantastic, simple, effective recipe I have been using for years now. I use 70% because I have it right there on hand, does the same trick, with perhaps a bit more ‘sterilizing/disinfecting’ power. Much love — kozy

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