It’s Day 4 of Healthy Holidays with Treble in the Kitchen and I can’t wait to share this giveaway with you!

Healthy holidays with titk

Many of you know I love experimenting in the kitchen with new-to-me ingredients and recipes.

A couple of weeks ago I made this YUMMY pumpkin bread and mentioned it contained a secret ingredient.  Well, it’s time to reveal the secret ingredient….

pumpkin tofu bread 2

This pumpkin bread contains House Foods Tofu!  And, you can’t even taste it.  The tofu added a nice moisture to the bread, and gives it a hidden protein punch 🙂  Recipe here!

I have also used tofu as a hidden ingredient in this Tuscan White Bean Garlic Dip, which would be amazing to serve at a holiday party.

house foods tofu dip

House Foods Tofu

It’s important to me that my tofu is organic, non-GMO, and high quality.  House Foods Tofu is one of my favorite brands of tofu because it meets all these requirements.

Tofu is great to bake up and add to salads, crock pot dinners, or to serve along side veggies, but you can see from the recipes above that there are a lot of other ways to use tofu too…even in tasty pumpkin bread!

thinkThin Bars

When it comes to snack bars, I really try to make sure that what I am eating is not full of sugar and other junk that makes the bar just like a candy bar.  thinkThin bars have come to the rescue!

These bars are high in protein, contain 0g of sugar, are gluten free, tasty and are so filling!  I love eating half a bar as a pre-workout snack.

My favorite flavors are the chunky and creamy peanut butter, but really I love them all 😉

Now, let’s talk about the giveaway shall we?

One Treble in the Kitchen reader will receive coupons for free House Foods Tofu AND a box of thinkThin bars.

To enter the giveaway do at least one of the following:

The winner will be announced on Monday (December 16) in the morning!  Good luck 🙂

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  1. The peanut butter think thin bars sound amazing! Tofu in pumpkin bread!? I love pumpkin and tofu so I would also like to try this recipe too!

  2. Honestly, any of the thinkThin flavors sound delicious! As far as the tofu recipes, any of the pasta recipes sound good. I’ve never cooked with tofu before so I’d be excited to try it!

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