Yesterday, I had an early birthday celebration with my parents.  My birthday isn’t until next Friday, but because of my BodyPump training next weekend I am completely booked.

My parents arrived just after noon, and we were all starving and ready for lunch.  When it comes to most things in life, I am pretty indecisive.  I had known for a couple of days that my parents were coming for lunch, but my decision as to where to go was not made until my parents had actually arrived.  My decision was to eat at a restaurant called Taste.

I love the atmosphere of this restaurant.  It is kind of like a local-homemade-bakery-cafe Panera because you go up to the front and order, and then wait at your table while your food is prepared.  When your food is ready, you don’t have to go to the front and get it yourself like at Panera, a staff member of Taste brings it right to your table.

When we arrived yesterday, the line was nearly out the door!  I guess that is what happens on a Saturday during lunch, so I scoped out a table and held my ground while my parents waited in line to order.  The main menu is the same everyday, but there are “specials” that change everyday.  I knew what I wanted to order before I sat down, but I still like look at the specials 🙂

We started off with an order of their pomme frites.  These frites (or french fries) are the perfect crispness and saltiness, and they come with a side of basil aioli to dip in.  Such a winning combination.

Shortly after we demolished the frites fininshed our appetizer, our meals arrived.  We had a little mishap in the meal department.  I always order the V8 salad with the dressing on the side.  Since my mom ordered for me, she forgot to mention the dressing on the side part and the dressing came mixed in.  I am not a huge dressing fan, so I was a little disappointed because I really like the tasted of the veggies.  Strangely enough, Mom’s dressing came on the side.  So, we picked the bacon off of her chopped salad and made the swap.  It was a good decision.  🙂

The chop salad had corn, tomato, avocado, green apple, red onion, and blue cheese on top of romaine.  It was very flavorful and crisp, and it came in a huge portion.  I couldn’t even finish it…which means that I can have the rest for lunch today.

The V8 salad has asparagus, green beans, edamame, tomato, red onion, corn, cucumber, and carrots. That is eight veggies!  I didn’t realize until yesterday that it was called V8 because there were eight veggies.  Mom pointed that one out to me 😉

Before Mom and I even had a chance to take a bite, Dad had eaten half of his sandwich!  I guess he liked it.  His sandwich was the roasted turkey with smoked bacon, provolone cheese, and house made thousand island dressing.

After lunch, we noticed that there was a large group of people outside of a music store so we popped on over to see what the hype was about.  Dad informed us that it was National Record Day.  Dad looked at the records while Mom and I looked at the homemade crafty goodies.  There were a ton of things like bags, shirts, and magnets that had Indiana and Indianapolis logos.

I thought it was so clever that the skyline of Indy incorporated the area code 317.

After browsing around, we headed to Yogulatte for frozen yogurt.  It is a self serve fro-yo place, and I haven’t had fro-yo in over 6 months…so I was a little overwhelmed.  My concoction was random but completely delicious.  I ended up with peanut butter, original tart, and cheesecake flavored fro-yo topped with almonds, peanuts, granola, and one piece of cookie dough.

It was a great little afternoon birthday celebration, and I can’t wait to see my parents again 🙂

After my parents left, Brian and I had to get all dressed up to attend an honors banquet for him.  Brian was awarded with the Schweitzer Fellowship because of the student outreach dental clinic he runs.  It was fun to get dressed up, meet more people from Brian’s school, and talk with people who had really creative project ideas to help under-served populations.


After the banquet, we headed to Tastings, a wine bar, to meet up with some friends before heading home and calling it a night.


This morning, I started off the day with oatmeal….shocking, I know.

Now, I am headed to church to sing in the choir and then off to do Sunday errands.  Have a great end of your weekend!

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