This has been another busy week for me, with late nights every night.  Each night, I get into bed with the intention of reading and I am literally zonked before I get to through the first page.

Tuesday night my evening looked like this:


Practicing lots of bodypump because we have our launch in 2 weeks.

Last night looked a lot like this:

6 mile run

6 miles at an 8:18 average pace…not too shabby if you ask me!

And I basically had the same dinner each night…a variation of a “Mexican-style” salad.  Last night’s post-run salad was spinach, topped with carrot, celery, shrimp, black beans, salsa, guacamole, and nutritional yeast (I think I’m really liking that stuff!).


Fast forward I mean rewind! to yesterday at lunch…and I got to have lunch with this guy:

tara and brian

Brian was out of town on Monday and Tuesday and got back into town just in time for a dental school awards lunch on Wednesday.  As much as I enjoyed having some quiet and alone time to be productive on Monday and Tuesday evening, I missed Brian so I was super happy to see him for his special lunch!

Alex and Brian were both being honored with some of their other dental school friends 🙂

brian and alex

Lunch was delicious.  I loaded up my plate with a large portion of salad and carrots with some rice on the side.  While the veggies were good…


The lobster bisque stole the show! It could have been slightly warmer (I love my soup scalding hot) the flavor was so tasty.


Yum! Such a fun midday break.


Over the past couple of years, Easter has become the holiday that Brian and I host and I absolutely love it!

Despite having a busy week leading up to the holiday, we are still hosting the holiday for my family this Sunday and I can’t wait.

Here is a peak at what I will be serving on our Easter menu this year:

You may recall when I baked a TEST cake a couple of weeks ago…

carrot cake

My mom and sister will also bring along some tasty eats.

Mom is in charge of the appetizers and Brenna is in charge of some sort of bready/starchy dish (she said it’s a surprise!).  The meal and the company should be great!!

Check out recaps from Easters past:

Question of the Day:

  • What is on your Easter menu?  Any traditional foods that you MUST have?
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  1. So happy to hear Brian is home. It’s always wonderful when they walk through the door after being away for some sort of time. Also, congratulations to Brian & some of his other friends for being honored.

    Enjoy the Easter weekend, Tara <3

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