Yesterday evening, I attended my first indoor cycling class in months.  I must admit that I was a little bit nervous that I may have lost my touch, but I still got it!

The ride was holiday themed, and it made things so much fun!  We listened to holiday music, and the instructor gave some visual cues such as “you are riding through a steep pile of snow” to add to the holiday feel.  My favorite part of the workout was at the peak of the ride when we were asked to complete a race.  We were keeping track of our distance individually, but we were racing each other.  My competitive nature immediately made me want to ride as fast as I could for the 3 mile distance so that I could win.  I ended up coming in a close second, we were literally seconds apart.  The race was  a great tactic to get our minds off of our legs and onto the distance we needed to complete.

This week at Butler University’s Health and Recreation Center, several of the classes are holiday themed, including my Boot Camp class.

My class has been transformed into Elf Conditioning Boot Camp, with holiday music, holiday exercise names, and holiday prizes.

The exercise names are different, but they are exercises that you already know how to do.  Here is a guide to decode the holiday exercise lingo:

Carol of the Bell Ringers

Perform a kettle bell swing.


Cross Body Present Snatches

Perform a cross body single arm snatch.


Hang the Holly Step Ups

Perform step ups with overhead press.


Reindeer Squats

Perform prisoner squats.


Elf Kicks

Jump and kick feet together at the side.  Alternate sides.

Ski Jumps

Jump side to side keeping feet together.


Snow Angel Plank

Perform plank arm circles.


Trim the Tree Twist

Perform a mason twist.


Mount Crumpit Climbers

Perform mountain climbers.



Hope you enjoy the holiday workout!

Have you ever attended a themed workout class?  What was the theme and what did you like about it?

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  1. Hi! Love your workout, I was looking for ways to shake up my “12 Days of Christmas” funk – I’ve used it, remade it, and used it again that even I was bored of it. Thank you for an excellent post 😀 LOVE IT!

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