Hey guys!

How is your weekend going?!  Brian and I have crammed in quite a few activities this weekend, but nonetheless it’s still gone by super fast.  I guess time flies when you’re having fun!

Saturday we got up early so we could spend the day in the mountains.  Brian REALLY wanted to show our friends that were visiting this weekend Estes Park, so that is exactly where we went.

estes park

Check out those snowcapped mountains…can you believe it!?  It was very beautiful and definitely felt “colorado-y” 🙂

estes park

estes park

After a short hike, we headed into the main town of Estes Park so we could check out the Elk Fest.  There were SO many people there, we definitely wanted to see what was going on.

1-photo (4)

It was a cute, local festival with music, crafts, art, photography, and amazing food.  We were SO happy we made the stop.

estes park

estes park

Pumpkin spice kettle corn…a delicious treat I was SO happy to purchase 🙂

estes park

The BEST smoked salmon I have had in my life…the chef was smoking it right before our eyes!

estes park

We made a Trader Joe’s pitstop to get some ingredients for a dinner with friends and I got REALLY excited about the Brussels sprouts.

1-Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 3.56.46 PM

We had our friends Liz and Aidan over for a yummy fall dinner of Winter Squash Salad and How Sweet Eats Autumn Mac n Cheese (a fall tradition in our house!)

fall dinner

fall dinner

Sunday morning, I baked up a batch of Carrots n Cake’s Paleo Morning Glory Muffins and EVERYONE loved them.

carrots n cake morning glory muffins

We needed a good breakfast as fuel for the Pearl Street Farmer’s Market.  I had heard that this was one of the best farmer’s markets, and Amanda loves farmer’s markets as much as I do so I thought it would be a PERFECT way to end their Denver vacation.

1-Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 3.57.07 PM

There were TONS of booths with veggies, homemade goodies catering to just about any dietary need (paleo, gluten free, vegan, etc), jewelry, bags, and just about anything else you would want to find at a farmers market.

1-Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 3.57.21 PM\

And I met a new-to-me blogger! Carly’s Citchen made some delicious Cherry Vanilla protein balls that I just couldn’t say no to 🙂

carly's citchen

After the farmer’s market we ran a couple of other errands and ended up at Whole Foods for a tasty lunch full of veggies from the Whole Foods salad bar.  Seriously, I think I grabbed one of every single vegetable on the bar.  So good!

whole foods salad

And now, we are relaxing and getting ready for the week ahead!

For meals this week, things are a little less organized because we have a couple of late nights out.  Late nights mean having things that are readily available to reheat and eat…so here is the tentative plan: (we’ll see what actually happens!)



  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Tuna Salad
  • Burrito Bowls with a Mediterranean twist
    • I made these last week for Brian and they were amazing!! (farro topped with black beans, shredded chicken, roasted vegetables, kale, and guacamole.)
  • Raw veggies with hummus
  • Big salads


  • Fall salad (kale, roasted squash, nuts, beans, fish)
  • Burrito Bowls (yep…we love them that much! and they are THAT easy)
  • Fish with roasted acorn squash and salad
  • Leftovers

Your Turn!

  • Share something fun from your weekend!

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  1. I went to some markets this week too, all foodie focused booths and tried a raw, organic, vegan pizza! The crust was made from flax and the lady had sundried her own tomatoes… amazing! Also sampled gluten free donuts, protein balls, activated nuts and seeds and so much locally grown fruit! The best.

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