I absolutely LOVE my little family of friends here in Denver 🙂

We get together for group dinners,

Valentine's Party To Go via Treble in the Kitchen #partytogo

we watch sports games (like the Butler game this past weekend, Super Bowl, and any other “important” game!)

butler game

we occasionally play trivia on Wednesday nights,

nicolo's trivia

we grab week night ice cream from Liks,

ice cream at lik's

we snuggle with Bernie 🙂

Tara, Liz and Bernie

and last night we got together to play the game Heads Up! (the Ellen Degeneres game!).

Heads Up!

Have you guys played that game?!  If not…you need to.  It’s easy to play (the rules are very basic!) and it is seriously so much fun 🙂

The folks over at Naked Juice have a free deck on the Heads Up! game called “Smoothie Operator” with the theme of all things fruits and veggies.  Friends and a fun game with a fruit and veggie theme? Ummm count me in!  Last night we got our game on while attempting to describe fruits and veggies without saying the actual word or anything that rhymed with the word.  It’s a lot harder than it sounds!!

One of the funnest aspects of the Heads Up! game?  You get to view each round of the game in a video! Check out our video…

So much fun! 🙂

Have you guys ever tried Naked Juice?  I’m most familiar with their coconut water, but I also know are always working to come out with innovative, delicious and nutritious juices.

Naked Juice

Some of their newer flavors are Kale Blazer, Proteins and Greens, two chia flavors (yum!) and Bright Beets.  Hello deliciousness!  Now only are the juices delicious, but the ingredients look pretty darn great as well.

So, here’s the deal…if you have a few extra minutes (even if it’s just 10!) get a small group of people together in the next few days download the free Heads Up! game and just play a few rounds…I PROMISE it will brighten your day 🙂

Questions of the Day:

  • Have you ever played Heads Up!?
  • What is your favorite type of juice to drink?

Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Naked Juice, but all opinions (trust me this game is fun and the juice is delicious!) are my own.

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