I went to see my sister clock out of school for her last time today!  My dad was able to show up too, and he video taped the entire thing.  If I remember my dad for only one thing, it is him having the video camera glued to his hand recording every moment while we were growing up.  All of the students at Paul Mitchell lined the hallway and started clapping and cheering as Brenna ran down to the end.  The moment was priceless and I am so glad that I was able to witness it!

I made Brenna cupcakes as a graduation treat!
One of Brenna's best friends who graduates in two weeks

Brenna went home tonight to Fort Wayne so that my mom could take her out to a celebratory dinner, and because the three of them (Mom, Dad, Bren) are all heading to Michigan tomorrow to get the family reunion started early.  I can’t wait to see everyone and spend the weekend with fam 🙂

Work Fashion

Many blogs that I read include a daily fashion page to showcase what they are wearing.  I originally opted not to do this simply because I usually wear workout clothes or bathing suits in the summer, but now that I have a job in a women’s clothing store I think it will be a fun addition to the blog to showcase my work outfits 🙂  Let me know what you think about this addition!

First day of work


After visiting with my sister and Dad, I went back to the house to feed the pups and walk them, change the kitty litter, and tend to the fishies.  The whole house was doing well, so I headed back to the apartment to whip up a quick smoothie before walking to work.

I made a coffified smoothie to give me a little extra pep in my step for the first day on the job!  (sorry about the weird shadow behind my head)

Now, it’s off to bed to rest up for work day number 2 in the women’s clothing business!  Gotta think up a good outfit 🙂

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