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How was your weekend?!  Mine was full of cooking (got another 25 recipes tested!)

Coffeecake Power Muffins

Chickpea Salad and Quinoa Salad - Recipe Testing

Chickpea Salad and Quinoa Salad - Recipe Testing

Because I am kind of “fooded out…” (is that even a saying?) I thought I would change the focus of today’s blog post to beauty products!

In the Treble in the Kitchen Reader Survey I posted last Monday several of you requested that I post about my hair products and makeup.

TITK Favorite Beauty Products

Now, I’m going to be completely honest with you guys…I am NOT a beauty expert and I feel a little goofy even posting this because my sister and one of my lifelong friends are both very successful and amazing hair stylists with incredible knowledge regarding techniques, products for hair and skin, and just making people look and feel amazing.

I also have to admit that I have come a LONG way from where I used to be with hair and skin care.  I’ve always known how to make myself look good, but I haven’t always used the products with the highest quality.  I would often (and still sometimes do depending on the product!) just go to the pharmacy and purchase whatever is on sale.

Now that I’m starting to mature and think about the future of my skin and hair, I try to do a better job to put quality products on my body (after all…I try to put quality products IN my body, so I think they go hand in hand!)

Today, I am sharing the products and tools that I love and use on a regular basis.  Of course there are other things I use that I’m not sharing with you today…but those were purchased on clearance and I probably get a different kind every time 😉


Favorite Makeup Products:

Naked Makeup Palette

I use this eyeshadow every. single. day.  I love it! Prior to this eyeshadow, I was just using random eyeshadows that I had from previous special events, etc and I literally used them until I had to scrape the bottom of the eyeshadow clean.  I finally decided it was time to put big girl pants on and get some quality eye shadow that will last and look great on.

My sister recommended this product for me because I really like golds/neutral tones and the occasional smoky eye for special nights out.  Lots of browns, golds, neutrals and some dark/blacks in this one.

Mac Prolongwear Concealer

Dark circles under the eye are something that runs in my family.  Trust me, there is no getting rid of them.  If there is a remedy, I’ve tried it (and I think my sister can vouch!) Cold tea bags under the eyes, cold spoons on your eyes, sleeping with your head propped up, cucumbers on the eyes, those under the eye rollers with caffeine in them…yeah they don’t work (at least not for me!) luckily, I have come to terms with that and I just know that I need a really great under the eye concealer.

This Pro Longwear Concealer from Mac is amazing.  It completely covers under the eye darkness, red spots, and little blemishes that pop up occasionally.  It lasts all day, and it doesn’t feel super heavy on your face.  I don’t wear foundation (ever!), just this stuff where I need it and I love it!

Also, it’s great because it comes in like a zillion different shades and lasts a long time so I usually purchase two per year.  One in the summer when I am nice and bronze, and one in the winter when the sun doesn’t shine quite as much.

Mac Prolongwear Concealer

Bee Yummy Eye and Lip Cream

I found out about this eye and lip cream (which is really more like a balm) when reading an interview with Gabrielle Bernstein.  She mentioned that she used this eye cream daily, and because I am always searching for a good under the eye cream I decided to check it out!

The reviews were awesome, and it only has a few ingredients (which I love!).  I put this cream on under my eyes and occasionally on my lips right before bed each night in hopes to fight away future wrinkles.Bee Yummy Eye and Lip Cream

Wet n Wild Eye Liner

I have used this kind of eyeliner for years!  I have also tried other drugstore eyeliners and keeping coming back to this little gem.  I started using it a while back after hearing on a Today Show report that this was “the best” drugstore eyeliner.  I don’t remember the qualifications, but I have been happy with it for years AND it’s only $0.99.  Can’t beat that!

Favorite Hair Products:

BaByliss Ceramic Tools Curling Iron

This is the newest addition to my hair product collection.  I really love this curling iron to create bigger, loose curls or just a little body in my hair when I straighten it.

This is a picture of my hair curled with this curling iron:

Large curling iron curls

brian and tara

Curled but not tightly curled.  I love it!

Conair Curling Iron

This is my FAVORITE curling iron.  I started using this curling iron in high school, and have tried others on and off but keep coming back to the original!

It creates tighter (but not too tight) curls that are great for everyday, dressing up, prepping for an updo, or making dirty hair look good again.  Many times I will use BOTH curling irons to get a nice balance of wavy/curly hair. (That’s what I did for my sidebar photo!)

This is a photo of my hair curled with the smaller curling iron:

dental school graduation 15

Brian and Tara date night

Not hugely different than with the big curling iron, but I like having both options 🙂

Oi Davines

If there was such a thing as a magic hair potion, I think this may be it.  My sister MADE my buy it a while back and I am so glad that I did.  It has really strengthened my hair, helps to smooth frizz without giving my hair an oily feel, and keeps it moisturized throughout the dry winter months.

I use a couple of pumps of this stuff every day and LOVE it.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

Chelsea (my lifelong friend who also happens to be an AMAZING hair dresser!) got me hooked on this stuff.  Powder Play is a dry hairspray that is great to sprinkle on the roots of your hair to add texture and volume.  I use it when doing an updo, cute pony, and sometimes a messy bun.

It’s also great to use on days when I don’t wash my hair because it takes away any grease/shine that may appear and gives my hair some volume and life on that second day of wearing a hair style.  Gotta be careful with this stuff though…a little goes a LONG way.

Davines Mousse

This is another product my sister recommended for me, and I am SO thankful for it!  I told her I was looking for a hair product that would help my hair hold it’s volume throughout the day without weighing it down or making it feel sticky.  My sister suggested Davines Volume Boosting Mousse and I have loved using it ever since.

It’s a little pricey, but this can seriously lasts a while.  I’ve had mine for over 4 months and am just starting to run out!

Aveda Smooth Infusion

My hair isn’t super curly all over, but there are certain spots with some curl that look downright frizzy when I try to straighten it.  Last time, I was at my sister’s salon, I saw a free sample of this Aveda Smooth Infusions and took a couple to test out.  It’s great! I only use it on days when I straighten my hair (which is rare) but it really takes care of those frizzy areas with lots of fly-aways.

Your Turn!

  • What are some of your favorite/go-to beauty and hair products?
  • Anyone with a favorite mascara out there?  I’m perpetually on the hunt for the perfect one!

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  1. I am looking into this Mac Pro Longwear Concealer! I, too, have the hardest times with dark circles under my eyes. They are inherited from my mother. I just CANNOT seem to cover them up and keep them covered all day long. Since I’m no beauty expert either, I appreciate your recommendations. Thanks!

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