After a 14 hour flight from Hong Kong to Chicago then a 1 hour flight from Chicago to Indianapolis I finally arrived home in one piece!!

Somehow I was able to stay awake through the majority of my flights and the entire day.  After driving around Indianapolis to see all of the new additions to the city due to the super bowl and visit my sister at her salon, Brian and I came home to visit with some friends who had come over to say hello and welcome back!  I must admit that it was strange not having any of my cruise ship friends with me, or constantly looking at the clock to make sure that I was on the ship in time…but other than that it truly felt like I hadn’t left and everything picked up right where I left off!

I am still feeling a bit jet lagged, and woke up at 4am unable to return to sleep.  So, I decided to be productive and do all of my laundry before Brian woke up to get ready for school.  It always feels good to get something accomplished first thing in the morning.

Brian and I then headed to get my engagement ring cleaned at G. Thrapp, where we had the engagement ring made.  It has literally been 5 months since it has been properly cleaned…and they could tell!  I am going to have to go back again soon so that we can make sure that it is as clean as possible.  We then hit the road to head North to Fort Wayne to visit my family.  I was able to sleep in the car a little bit, but it still doesn’t make up for the night of sleep that I missed.

We then simply hung out at home as I shared my stories and pictures from my 5 months abroad.  It is great to finally show my family who I have been talking about and where I have been!

Mom and I then got to work in the kitchen preparing dinner and dessert.  It may have been a while since I have prepared a meal in the kitchen, but I still haven’t lost my touch.  Mom started making salmon with veggies in a Romertopf clay baker.  It is one of the gifts I had received for Christmas that I haven’t been able to use yet, so mom and I experimented with the cooker and were pleased with the results.

According to the web site “Cooking in porous, unglazed clay will increase flavor, tenderness and enable food to retain its natural nutrients and vitamins.”  The dish was delicious, the salmon tender, and the veggies crisp and flavorful with no added liquid!  I am very excited to experiment with this new kitchen device.

Mom had a recipe for “The Best Carrot Cake Ever” that she wanted me to prepare, and I must say while I love clean and healthy eating, it felt oh so good to be back in the kitchen with my baker’s hat on!   Brian, Dad, and Mom went back for seconds of the cake 🙂

Now, I am off to bed early in hopes to have enough sleep to complete a good workout tomorrow!  Sweet dreams 😉

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