Yesterday, was the first official group training run for the NIFS Mini-Marathon Training Program.  I was anxious, excited, and nervous for this run.  I still feel a little unqualified to be a training group leader, considering this is only my fourth half marathon, but I know that if I have confidence and trust my partner group leaders to help guide me in the right direction everything will be fine.

Now, I am not sure how the weather is where you are located, but here in Indianapolis we have literally seen it all this week.  Monday was in the 50s, Tuesday was very cloudy and nearly in the 60s, and then yesterday it started out with pouring rain with temps in the 40s that continued to drop throughout the day.

Needless to say, I needed to dress for all weather.  I needed to layer layer layer and make sure to have my outer layer be reflective, since we completed our run at night, and waterproof.

I took a quick trip out to purchase some items for work yesterday, and I stopped in Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Within 10 minutes I spotted this Reebok, perforated (to let some air in when sweating!), full-zip, running jacket.  It was perfect! And on sale for $37…I think that wat the quickest shopping trip of my life.

jacket shoppingAt the end of my work day, I made the quick change in a work bathroom stall into my running gear.  I made sure to wear my new Mizuno running tights, my new Asics running shoes, my new running jacket, and my favorite Butler baseball hat to keep any rain out of my face.

bathroom at workWhen I arrived to NIFS, we each divided up into our running groups.  Technically, I am a “floating” leader between the 9:30, 10, and 10:30/minute per mile pace groups.  Last night, I started with the 9:30/min per mile group.  We ended up having about 10 people running with us!  Several people in our group were trying to push themselves to increase their time, and were unsure if this was the right group for them.  Since last night was only a 3 mile easy run, we made sure to welcome all who wanted to try the 9:30 pace group.

By the time we headed out for the run, the winds had picked up, it was slightly raining, and very dark.  I was nervous.  By the end, my body had adjusted to the temperature.  I was wearing the perfect amount of clothing, and did not overheat or freeze at all!  It truly felt so great to run outside, rather than on the treadmill, and it felt great to be able to talk to someone while running.  I think I am really going to like this whole training in a group thing!

By the end of the run we had seen a little bit of hail, felt huge bursts of wind, pushed through some rain, and then ended with a light dusting of snow.  If we can run through that, we can run through anything!  We finished 3.46 miles with a 9:46 pace.  Not bad for a first group run if you ask me!

garmin 3 miles

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  1. I love that running jacket! I need to fid another running group close to me running alone doesn’t really force me to push…friendly competition is great for time 🙂

    • Thanks! I love that it was so lightweight and cute 🙂 And you are so right, the friendly competition is great for time! Good luck, I hope you find a group!

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