Last weekend included another successful day of skiing in the books, so I’m excited that Brian and I will be heading out to the slopes early tomorrow again!

The past two years, I have been very timid on the slopes and felt very anxious.  It honestly sucked a lot of the fun out of the experience. This year, I feel like I have found my groove and I am SO thankful!! 🙂

Other than skiing, our weekend is pretty free.  I know we will spend time playing with and walking the dogs and doing typical weekend things, but other than lunch with a friend on Sunday we don’t have any real commitments.  It feels kind of nice!

In true Friday spirit, I’ll share a Five Things Friday post!

Five Things Friday from Treble in the Kitchen

Five Things I Ate:

  • Lunch salad with greens, Kite Hill soft cheese, brown jasmine rice, lentils, radish, cucumber, olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing.

lunch salad

  • Egg white banana oatmeal with a few chia seeds and powdered peanut butter.


  • Nourish bowl (lentils, jasmine brown rice, steamed carrots, sautéed greens all topped with walnut oil and vinegar)

nourish bowl

  • Scrambled egg and egg white, side of frozen fruit topped with peanut butter and homemade cold brew coffee with almond milk.

eggs for breakfast

dinner soup

Five Workouts I Did:

  • Ran for an hour
  • Boot Camp
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Barre
  • Walked the pups 🙂

Bernie and Rooney

Five Things Making Me Happy:

  • I’m almost done with my internship application (yay!!!!) and I have a couple of fun experiential internships I am hoping to start next month.  I know one will work out to start next month, just hoping that both do!
  • Getting back into my exercise routine.  Guys…I am just now realizing that getting in a GOOD workout makes all the difference in my productivity and positivity for the week.  Seriously.  Last week and this week were full of really good, muscle-fatiguing workouts and I feel like my focus is like a laser beam 🙂
  • Finally feeling comfortable on the ski slopes.
  • The show Fixer Upper.  I feel like I am a bit late in the game, but I just started watching this show in December and I can see why people love it so much!
  • Walking these two fools with my sister 🙂 Sister time and puppy time.

Bernie and Rooney

Posts I Have Loved:

Your Turn!

  • Share something about your week/weekend in the comments section below!

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  1. I’m finally getting back into a pretty regular exercise routine too and I feel so much better! :D! I need to start preparing oatmeal for quick meals–I keep forgetting I have it around!

    Glad that you’re almost done with your intership application! :]

    • A regular exercise routine is SO important for me 🙂 Good luck prepping quick meals this week!! And thanks for the luck on the application!

  2. Tara, can Bernie and Rooney be any cuter? 🙂 They’re so adorable!
    I’m speaking on behalf of Rooney, why hasn’t she been added to the “Names and Faces” yet? 😉

  3. I’ve been loving the Kite Hill yogurts recently, but haven’t tried their spreads! I hope my WF carries it soon 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    • I just purchased the unsweetened Kite Hill yogurt and it’s so good. Seriously is just like the real deal! Hope your weekend was wonderful 🙂

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