Happy Friday!

I’m so happy it’s Friday because tonight, Brian and I are going to see the new Hunger Games movie Mockinjay Part 1.  Seriously, we cannot wait!!

Hunger Games


It’s also the weekend before Thanksgiving, which has me super excited because that means it’s time to get the apartment super clean, prep the holiday food and get ready for the official holiday season!! Yay 🙂

I’m also really excited because of a new project I took on.  I am a contributing editor to a local fashion, entertainment, and culture magazine–Dandizette.  My first article was published yesterday (you can read it here!) and I have another article coming out December 1.  It’s such a fun project to work on, and I’m looking forward to writing more for this online ‘zine.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!!!

Now, here’s a little Five Things Friday:

five things friday

Five Things I Ate:

  • Scrambled eggs with nutritional yeast and avocado on a brown rice wrap.  Really tasty!

eggs with nutritional yeast

  • Candy Cane Coffee 🙂  Tis the season!

candycane coffee

  • Lunch salad (romaine, spinach, cucumber, sun dried tomatoes, carrots, bell pepper, kalamata olives, tuna and a red wine vinegar/herb dressing)

lunch salad

  • Super Oats from Love Grown 🙂  Here’s a funny story….EVERY single morning this week I would say to myself “I won’t have oats today…I really need to switch things up.” Then, I would go in the kitchen to make breakfast and guess what sounded good…oats!! Oh well!!

blueberry oats breakfast

  • Hardboiled eggs mixed with dijon with romaine, carrots, cucumbers, and green beans.

lunch - HB egg, veggies, dijon

Five Workouts:

  • Tabata Spin
  • Taught Cardio HIIT
  • Weight Lifting
  • 3 Miles on the dreadmill treadmill <–forgot how much I really don’t enjoy the treadmill!!

Five Things Making Me Happy:

  • Thanksgiving is next week!!! Seriously, I can’t wait! I’m taking the week off from school and planning on enjoying the time with Brian’s family.
  • We get to put up the Christmas tree in 1 week!!! Pretty darn pumped about that 🙂
  • Getting done with school work early this week.  I busted my little booty and finished all of my class work on Wednesday.  Sometimes, I have to work through Friday night so I can hang out on a weekend! Seriously, this felt so good.
  • Holiday baking.  I did a little holiday baking this week for a post coming soon!! So fun!
  • I had a really great coffee date with a new friend.  🙂  I love starting my day like that!

Posts I Have Loved:


  • Tell me something about your week/weekend!  Anyone else a Hunger Games fanatic!?

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    • It’s so good, Sara! 🙂 If you get a Keurig, make sure you get a pod that let’s you use any kind of coffee you want!!

  1. Ahhh!! This is so fun! 🙂 I hope that you enjoy the movie! I can’t wait to see it as well! …also, that candy cane coffee though??? MUST TRY!! Happy Friday to you as well!

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