How are you this Friday morning?

As Brian and I move into our final couple of weeks here in Denver, time is both rushing by too quickly while at the same time feels like it’s moving at a snails pace.  We are trying to soak up all the last moments with friends and all that Denver has to offer, but unfortunately it’s in both Brian and my personality to be jumping ahead to the next step.

This weekend, Brian and I are heading to the Evergreen dog off leash area, a doggie playdate, and we are celebrating Valentine’s Day on Saturday night.  It should be fun trying new-to-us restaurants after wearing out the pups 🙂

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Five Things Friday from Treble in the Kitchen

Five Things I Ate:

  • An Arepa from Quiero Arepas at Avanti 

Last Saturday night, Brian and I met up with some of his orthodox residents at Avanti for dinner and drinks.  Since this was probably our last time at Avanti, I knew I had to get one of my favorite dishes…an arepa!  I always opt for one of the choices with the plantains (and the salmon is my fav, but they are almost always out of it.)

Quiero Arepas

Butternut chicken Chili

Butternut chicken chili

Brian and I had this for dinner on Monday night with a side of the Cumin Lime Kale Salad, and I enjoyed the leftovers for lunch a couple of times during the week.

  • Breakfast Smoothie

I made this on Monday morning and I’ll be completely honest in saying I don’t remember everything I put in it!  Because we are moving in a couple of weeks, I’m really trying to clear out the freezer so it was a hodgepodge of ingredients.

Smoothie Breakfast

  • Lunch Bowl with sautéed kale, leftover chicken, leftover brown Jasmine rice, and roasted vegetables.

Lunch Bowl

  • Protein Pancakes from Vega

They were very tasty, but my goodness they were filling!

Protein Pancakes

Five Workouts I Did:

  • Ran with a friend (we ran twice this week)
  • Boot Camp
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Long walks with the dogs
  • Brian and I are trying a boxing class tonight!

Five Things Making Me Happy:

  • Having date night with Brian on Saturday night!  I’m really excited to try Potager for dinner. We have heard amazing things about this restaurant and are finally taking the time to check it out.
  • Long walks with the pups.  There is something just so relaxing (even when the dogs are acting nuts) about going on long strolls with those two.  Maybe it’s being outside, maybe it’s the fresh air, and maybe it’s spending time with my dogs (or all three!) but Brian and I plan on taking a long walk together with the dogs on Saturday morning and I cannot wait!
  • Completing my first TEST of the semester! The test was available Thursday morning through Sunday night, so I jumped at the chance to take it right away.  Thank goodness it’s over 🙂
  • Running in shorts.  Yes…running in shorts in February!! Our Indiana family is reminding us to soak up all the sunny and warm weather possible while we are here in Denver because it’s quite the opposite in Indiana right now.
  • Homemade kombucha flavored with ginger.  I finally took the plunge and flavored half of my last batch of kombucha with fresh ginger, and the flavor is just what I wanted!! It’s spicy/gingery and very delicious.  It almost reminds me of ginger beer.

Posts I Have Loved:

Your Turn!

  • I’d love to hear something wonderful about your week or weekend in the comments below!

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  1. This weather is kind of bizarre. I’m up in Fort Collins, and we’re also having unseasonably warm weather, especially on Friday. So windy, though.
    Moving is always tough–realizing that it’s your last chance to see certain people, go to certain restaurants and businesses, etc.–at least for a while. Hope everything’s going smoothly as you prepare to move.

    • Hi Lauren! So, I just added grated (like on a microplane) fresh ginger right to the bottle (about 1 Tbsp per bottle). I then popped the cap on and allowed them to sit on the counter to get bubbly. SO easy 🙂 And tasty!

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