Happy Friday, friends!

It’s been a busy week around here, so I am definitely thankful the weekend is here.  I can’t wait for the sunny and 70 degree weather that will be here this weekend too.  The more sunshine the better!

Because it’s Friday, it’s time for a little Five Things Friday action.  I have absolutely LOVED (and will continue to love) participating in this little link up that is hosted by Clare from Fitting It All In.  Such a perfect wrap up of the week 🙂   Thanks for hosting and for coming up with such a great idea, Clare!

five things friday

Five Things I Ate:

  • This delicious power bowl containing:  Broccoli slaw, spinach, roasted cauliflower, roasted broccoli, roasted zucchini, roasted sweet potato, spinach, and hummus.  So good!

power bowl

power bowl

  • This green smoothie full of matcha powder.  I was so excited to have a big GREEN smoothie for breakfast yesterday–I put in some avocado for the first time, lots of spinach and matcha…I did NOT realize the strong flavor the matcha would have and I think I put too much in…at least for the first time.  I finished the smoothie, but I definitely  need to tweak the flavor.  Oops!

green matcha smoothie

kiss me organics matcha powder

  • The Lean Green Bean’s Health Breakfast Bars.  I actually made these a couple of months ago and froze them, so this week I pulled them out of the freezer for Brian to eat for breakfast, and after my 10 mile run on Wednesday, I was pretty hungry with a craving for something starchy and sweet…so I had one of these bad boys!  Delicious!  Definitely check out the recipe.

lean green bean chickpea bar

  • Kevita probiotic drink.  Gotta get my hands on more!

kevita probiotic drink

  • Macadamia nuts.  I LOVE them! I love the crunch, the round shape, the flavor, and the fact that they are so cute!

macademia nuts

Five Workouts:

  • Bodypump
  • HIT (High Intensity Training Class)
  • 10 mile run (woo for double digits!)
  • Yoga

Five Things Making Me Happy:

  • My Martha Stewart Collection Sistema Lunch Containers!  I know, totally dorky, but I use these containers just about every. single. day.  They are functional, cute, and just the right size!  If you pack salads for lunch I highly recommend picking up a couple for yourself 🙂


Lunch salads

  • Warm weather! Two weeks in a row, my running group was able to wear shorts.  Woo!

run group mini marathon

  • Double digit miles…I can’t believe it has been 6 months since my running mileage was in the double digits.  I am so thankful the run felt great and my legs were strong and did not get super sore the next day.

10 miles garmin

  • Friend dates!  Can’t wait to see some girlfriends this weekend 🙂
  • Meal ideas from all of you!! On Wednesday, I explained that I was in a bit of a food rut and luckily you all had plenty of creative juices flowing and gave me wonderful meal ideas!  Here are some of the ideas:

*Fish Cakes

*Salsa Chicken

*Asian-inspired noodle bowls

*Farro with Butternut Squash

*Turkey Meatloaf

*Chicken Sweet Potato Curry

*Quinoa and Cheesy Eggs

*Going through the Well Fed cook books

Thank you for so many great ideas!!! 🙂

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