Hello Friday!!!

I’ so happy it’s Friday (even though I’m on a little summer-type break from school!!), Brian has Fridays off.  We have been using these days to run errands together, go to the dog park and get work done around the house and I love it!! Today should be full of the same 🙂

Tomorrow, we are headed up to Fort Wayne (dogs and all) to spend the day gardening with my mom for an early Mother’s Day.  Sunday, we are brunching with Brian’s mom and then bopping around town to look at shops and just have a fun day together.  Should be a wonderful weekend with good weather…I’m just hoping it doesn’t rain!

What do you have planned for the weekend?  How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?

Highlights of the week….

Five Things Friday from Treble in the Kitchen

Five Things I Ate:


Five Things Friday Thai Chicken burgers

  • Breakfast this week was scrambled eggs with spinach and all the hot sauce with a side of bananas, berries and peanut butter 🙂 I’m thinking smoothies are going to be making an appearance soon though!
  • Jackfruit!  Have you guys seen or heard of this yet?  It’s a fruit from Asian that I saw all the time while working on the cruise ship.  Now, people are using it as a pulled meat alternative because when cooked properly it resembles the texture of pulled meat and takes on the flavor of however you season it.  We used it in taco bowls, and it taste pretty good but next time, I will use a recipe so I know exactly how to prepare it rather than just winging it 😉


Five Things Friday Jackfruit

  • Foil Pack Fish – so simple and perfect for week nights!
  • Dinner salads with ALL the veggies.

Five Things Friday DinnerFive Workouts I Did:

  • Ran with Bernie AND Brian this week! (on separate occasions…)
  • SWIFT on Monday and Tuesday (and possibly this morning)
  • A much needed yoga session on Wednesday morning.  My muscles have been SO tight lately!

Five Things Friday Yoga

  • Long warm-weather walks with the pups.

Five Things Friday Bernie and Rooney

  • I don’t have a fifth workout for ya 😉

Five Things Making Me Happy:

  • This was my first full week of no school for the summer.  Yay!
  • This PlanetBox lunch box.

My mom got Brian and I these awesome lunch boxes for our birthdays and I am LOVING them.  Right now, I just pack Brian’s lunch in them but when I begin my internship I will be just as excited to pack my own lunch in this cool earth-friendly lunch box.Five Things Friday lunchbox

  • How I Built This Podcast – I know I mentioned this in my April roundup post, but I feel like I am addicted to this! I seriously LOVE hearing all the stories of these big-time business that we all know of.  It’s very inspiring!
  • Getting to spend the weekend with my mom and Brian’s mom.  It will be a wonderful weekend!
  • The library!  We have a branch not too far from our home, so I made a point to check out some inspiring cookbooks.  I LOVE checking out cookbooks from the library and could spend all too much time picking them out then reading through them.
  • The Handmaid’s Tail – I saw several people talking about this show on social media, and let me tell you…it’s worth the hype!  The series is based on the book of the same title written in the 80s by Margaret Atwood about a dystopian United States.  Check it out if you are looking for another good show to watch.  There are only 5 episodes out so far, and the new episodes come out on Wednesdays.

Posts I am Loving:

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Your Turn:

  • Share something great about your week in the comments section below!

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  1. So much great stuff Tara! I’ve had jackfruit at a handful of vegan restaurants but I have yet to experiment with it at home. I’ve been meaning to for a while, so thanks for the reminder. I’ve also been hearing great things about The Handmaid’s Tale, I’ll have to check it out soon. Have a great weekend with your family <3

    • Yeah! I found it at Trader Joe’s unseasoned, but have yet to find it anywhere else. Let me know where you end up grabbing some! 🙂 Hope your Mother’s Day was fantastic!

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