Happy Blend Day Friday!

Today is the first day of Blend Retreat 2015, and I couldn’t be more excited to get in on all of the activities.

Blend Retreat 2015Registration doesn’t begin until 2:30pm so I have time this morning to get a few things done before I officially kick-off this super fun weekend.  Other than attending the NOW Foods immersion a couple of weeks ago, this will be the first time I have attended any sort of big time blogging event with tons of health and fitness bloggers.  Seriously guys, I am so pumped!

I hope you all have amazing stuff planned for the weekend too!  🙂

Now let’s get to some Five Things Friday:

five things friday

Five Things I Ate:

  • Scrambled eggs for breakfast with sauteed bell pepper and broccoli slaw and a side of bananas and strawberries with nut butter…so good and filling!


spaghetti squash pad thai

  • Spaghetti squash with cooked broccoli, carrots and chicken for lunch


  • Dinner made by Brian!! Sauteed spinach, half baked sweet potato, grilled salmon…absolutely delish!


Nutty CocoaVia Cookies via Treble in the Kitchen

Five Workouts I Did:

  • Teach Bodypump
  • LOTS of yoga (I think we hit three or four classes this week!!)
  • 5 mile run
  • Indoor cycling
  • Planning on a boot camp and trail run workout at the Blend Retreat!

Five Things Making Me Happy:

  • Taking Bernie on LONG walks…I mean long! Yesterday we walked almost 4.5 miles (and stopped to get an almond milk latte and dog treats midway!)  But I’m going to be honest…in true Vizsla fashion?  Bernie didn’t even act phased by the 4.5 mile walk and ran around doing his normal crazy thang!  What a goon!

Dog lovers…have you used the Gentle Leader?  It’s seriously a game changer!


  • YOGA!  I have loved getting to try so many different classes and fit yoga into my weekly routine so many times with our 30 days for $30 pass at Kindness Yoga 

kindness yoga

  • Brian and I went to see Jessie J in concert on Wednesday night and it was seriously one of the BEST concerts I have ever been to.  She was so amazingly talented and really let her personality shine through…and we were soo close to the front!

jessie j concert

jessie j concert

jessie j concert

jessie j concert

  • Rocksbox!  Have you heard of it?  It’s basically a monthly jewelry rental program.  I just signed up for my first month and I cannot wait to see what pretty jewels I get to play with (of course I’ll make sure to share with all of you once I get my jewelry in the mail.)


  • BLEND Retreat! Yes, I already mentioned this above, but it’s making me happy 🙂

Posts I Have Loved:


  • What fun things do you have planned for the weekend!?
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  1. I use an easy walk harness on Selma (it’s what we use at the shelter where I volunteer, and it works so well!). I’ve also been loving taking her for long walks, but unlike Bernie she gets completely pooped and has to rest the entire day after a long walk!

    Hope you have a great time at Blend!

    • I’ve seen the easy walk harness on lots of other dogs! Seems to be another great option 🙂 I love Bernie’s energy, but sometimes I wish he would get pooped! 🙂

  2. I plan on enjoying the nice weather outside, potentially working on my tan : ) and then getting a good long run in on Sunday! And I will definitely be trying the Nutty CocoaVia Cookies, they look so delicious! Hope you have a great weekend and fun at Blend!

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